A 5th of BitSummit – ”Mighty Gunvolt Burst”|Bitsummit Exhibition Game (New Game Information)

This page will introduce information about the new game “Mighty Gunvolt Burst” which will be exhibited at Bit Summit 2017.

Inti Creates will be announcing Mighty Gunvolt Burst (for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch) on May 20 and 21 of 2017 at A 5th of BitSummit going to be held at Miyako Messe, Kyoto.
It is going to be a completely new game while taking over the concept of Mighty Gunvolt which was released in 2014 on Nintendo 3DS.
Though it is a 2D side view action game with a 90’s retro taste, it also has the fulfillment of a next gen video games due to unique new systems in game such as Burst Combo which can be achieved by taking out enemies up close, and a Customization System which allows you to tune up playable character’s attack, defense, and maneuverability anytime, anywhere. Also, for the Nintendo Switch version there is a system called Dowsing. When closing in on something suspicious, the game will use HD Rumble to inform the direction of it. Enjoy the if story of Mighty Gunvolt from Beck’s (from Mighty No.9) and Gunvolt’s (from Azure Striker Gunvolt) perspective.

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