A 5th of BitSummit – ”Million Onion Hotel”|Bitsummit Exhibition Game (New Game Information)

This page will introduce information about the new game “Million Onion Hotel” which will be exhibited at Bit Summit 2017.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dr.Peace’s strange hotel.

【Story】Once upon a time, there was a strange independent hotel in between the borders of Atilano and Kotilano. “Magic Onion Soup” was the name of the specialty of the hotel. It was a mysterious soup that gives people fortune just by taking a sip of it! Many great men came to the hotel to drink the soup, but no one ever shared the flavor of the soup. Everyone wanted to keep the deliciousness to themselves. But one night, all the people staying at the hotel was sent to a galaxy far far away. Could it be because drank the mysterious soup too much?

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