A 5th of BitSummit – ”Eden Obscura”|Bitsummit Exhibition Game (New Game Information)

This page will introduce information about the new game Eden Obscura which will be exhibited at Bit Summit 2017.

PixelJunk Eden, an action game released on PS3 in 2008, will be released on mobile devices. Players will collect the source of life called “Spectre” scattered all over the world as one of the tiny resident that lives there called “Grimps”. The game demonstrates Mr.Baiyon’s sensitivity, whom became the creative producer of Q-Games last year. You will be able to experience a unique and interactive world that utilizes the function of a mobile device. Release date TBD.

The original game was a horizontal scroll, but the application version is going to be a vertical scroll. Let’s expect for new elements being added to the game.

Since Mr.Baiyon is now a member of Q-Games, we can expect his sensitivity to be put in use more directly in the upcoming games.

For a long time I had interest in shiny things such as Sequins and transparent things such as tracing papers. I collected them when I was little, and payed no attention to robots and such. Eden Obscura is a game that practices my fetish by utilizing the newest smartphone technology. Please look forward for the game, as the mysterious and unpredictable world created is something even I haven’t seen before. (Q-Games Creative Producer Baiyon)

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