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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “29” along with exhibitor, Humble Grove’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth



“29” is the new 3D fetching game which is set by the 2D vector box.
Delve into Bo and Ao’s insights and thoughts. There are several choices available for the player who will explore in the mysterious flat.
(From the official website of the BitSummit)

Title 29
Genre Point and click adventure
Platform Linux, Mac, PC
Developer Humble Grove
Release Status Plan in 2017


Q: Could you tell us what kind of games these are? Also, what did you focus the most on these games?
A: Well……there are so many points we put effort, and it is extremely to choose only one LoL

Something that we paid attention the most or something that we emphasized the most is that the game is the adventure game with no puzzles.

We can say that it is the visual novel, but we tried to make it enjoyable and easy to be familiar with for both adults and the children.

*Interviewer: The picture has a unique atmosphere.

Yes, it is also something that we put the effort on. The display on the screen is the place that actually exists. So, we tried to reproduce it accurately.

Q: What did you find the most difficult when developing this game?
A: This Humble Grove is composed of me, and my partner, Tom Davis.
Two of us both graduated from the art university two years ago. We were not really familiar with the programming so struggled against it.
In the end, we cooperated with the programmer that we met on Twitter, but it was difficult.
My partner can do the programming a bit, but he is on the beginner level.

But we never imagined that we could exhibit the game.

Q: How do you think about an indie game?
A: To say it simply, the benefit is that you can do anything you want.
If you release the game by the publisher, you can do almost freely with a little restriction.

For example, I think many people are not satisfied with the triple A game and think how to modify the game by themselves.

We are planning to make a series of the “29” game. It is not that clear in episode 1, but in episode 2 and 3, the game will be more about the gender.
There are not many games about the gender, so we would like to put effort on it.
So, it is really attractive for us that we can express the contents that are sometimes seemed as taboo.

Q: Regarding the plan for the future?
We want to release “29” at the end of this year, at least by the beginning of the next year.
Also, as we work on creating “29”, we are also planning for the episode 2.
We already started brainstorming the sequel stories, so we will create those games as well.

*Interviewer: That means that the sequel has been planned already?

Yes. We have decided the overall story, so we will work on it as soon as we finish the development of episode 1.

Q: What is your aim?
A: From our studio, we would like everyone, regardless of the age, gender, or the race, to play the game.
For example, when we say “a gamer”, we usually think of a man.
We want to develop the game which is not only those people but also everyone including the people who are not familiar with the game.

Also, I think there are more and more games based on the story. But I want to create the game with the difficult puzzle elements as well as the game with no such elements.

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