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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Amenofuruhoshi” along with exhibitor, Mr.tokonyorori’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth・Impression


At the booth, Mr.tokonyorori talked to everyone who stopped by the booth and explained about the game.
The overall booth showed Mr.tokonyorori’s worldview.
This game is a sequel to the past work, so he valued expressing the worldview without breaking it down. The future of “Karapponoie” is the world that you will see in “Amenofuruhoshi”.
“Karapponoie” is the game which you drop the components using the missile, and collect them to read RJ’s memory.
There are many users who are attracted to Mr.tokonyorori’s story and had a conflict because they want to know the whole story while they do not want to delete the memory.
At the booth, the past four works were presented and the visitors could play each of them. Also, he showed the developing version of “Amenofuruhoshi” on a large screen.
He said that it is the game is different from his last work. Users just keep looking at the game and collect the last word that you will see when moving forward.

When I actually played the game, a huge machine moved in the rain. As I moved on, other machines were falling off and I was able to see their last words.
For example, one of the last words said that it wanted to eat an omelet on the next day. The user is able to see what other users’ are thinking about because each user leaves the last word. Some of them leave several last words and connect the story through it. Also, the user can see the last words collected by other users, so the game adopted a user-participatory system.

About “Amenofuruhoshi”


BitSummit 5th Visual Excellent Award Winner

A planet covered with a polluted atmosphere that only has machines already, the multi-legged tank keeps walking only on rainy days when visibility is clear.
(From the official website of BitSummit)

Title Amenofuruhoshi
Genre Nostalgic application
Platform Android, iOS
Developer tokoronyori
Release Date The rainy season(About June)


Q: What did you focus the most on this game?
A: Having a sequel by inheriting the worldview through the development of an object, and the point that the user leaves the last word when the machine breaks and is able to connect with other users.

Q: What did you find the most difficult when developing this game?
A: Since I do not have the server technology, the server was once down in the past. This time I tried so that the server will not be down again.
Also, I found it difficult that I had to create an object one by one. Creating an object that is in the background of the game was difficult.

Q: What do you think about the benefit of the indie game?
A: The point that you can make something that you love. When releasing the game as a business, it will be profit-oriented. I think it is the benefit of the indie game that you can make something that you really want to make.

Q: Please tell us about your aim and plan for the future?
A: After graduating the university, I would like to keep the current life not looking for a job.

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