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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article we introduce the exhibit “BEAT LEGION” along with exhibitor Yukio Futatsugi’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth


In front of the “BEAT LEGION” booth were many kinds of players visible; from children to hardcore gamers. All who came left with a smile; it was clear this game was very entertaining.




“BEAT LEGION” is a competitive game made up of a combination of a rhythm game, a card game and an RTS(real time strategy) game.
In this all new game, you create your own card deck, strategize as the situation constantly changes, as you fight your way to victory. At this certain booth, there were 4 preset decks to try out from.

This game’s most distinguishing feature may be that you “Summon units and input commands in a rhythmic fashion.” Here you must tap accordingly to match the rhythm of the music in order to successfully summon and command units. There are multiple benefits to inputting correctly, such as receiving buffs to your cards. But if your timing is off, you will be punished; for example taking damage. This means that “rhythm” can greatly change the course of the battle.

In the demo, there were 3 types of cards; “Fortress,” “Warrior” and “Mage.” The “Fortress” cards expand your territory, the “Warriors” can defeat other “Warrior” and “Mage” cards, and finally the “Mage” card can destroy “Fortress” cards. There were only these 3 types at this event, but we can expect to see more in the future.

Genre Rhythm strategy
Platform Andoroid, iOS
Developer Grounding Inc.
Release Status To be decided


Q:What are your focuses on while developing “BEAT LEGION”?
A: Our goals are to take creative ideas and make them playable.
In “BEAT LEGION” we are aiming to make it easy to understand.
This is a very unusual game genre, so without simplicity, the game might not reach the threshold of fun.
We also went for a more casual art design.

Q:What are some struggles of developing this game?
A: “Rhythm” is a very important aspect of the gameplay, and it was difficult to make. There are many things you have to pay attention to, so our next step is to focus on the UI.

From the Exhibitor

We are still a ways away from completion, but we will create something you can look forward to, no matter what.

Writer’s thoughts

This game is highly strategic, and a lot of practice and getting used to felt necessary. But because of this, the possibilities of this game’s strategy is very diverse. There seems to be some freedom when it comes to making your deck, so I see high replay potential in this game.
I’m highly looking forward to the completion of this project.

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