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This page will be introducing the exhibits in BitSummit 2017. You will find information about Bootleg Systems, Neonable, and the booth’s condition.

Booth’s Condition

BitSummit Bootleg Systems

Bootleg Systems

In Bootleg Systems, you play agent Logan Blake, a member of the dystopian society our world has become at the dawn of the 23rd century.

In a time where humans can no longer conceive and maintain their corporal envelopes, humanity is forced to transfer their knowledge and conscience to machines. A worldwide artificial intelligence program is put in place to preserve our ideas and legacy until a solution to humanity’s subsistence is found.

One day, a breach in the system occurs, allowing rogue agents to clone its data and create new systems used to serve alternative purposes. Your responsibility is to investigate these illegal systems, take possession of their intel, and shut them down to restore order.


Title Bootleg Systems
Genre FPS Puzzle Platformer
Platform Linux, Mac, PC
Developer Neonable
Release Status Coming in 2017


Q: What is this games strong point?
A: Of course, it would be the Clone Gun. Never in a game were you able to shoot anything you want to. In normal shooting games you just have a gun that shoots bullets and its the same for all shooting games. Being able to shoot anything you want is the best part of the game, and is the reason why people come to play this game.

Q: Were there any difficulties when making this game?
A: Because we are creating a game with a mechanic that was never used before, we have no recipe to follow, and have to create our own.

Q: What do you think about indie games in general?
A: Indie games in general is one of the best things that has happened in the video game industries in a very long time because before, small companies were being influenced by big companies, but now it is the big companies that are being influenced by the small companies. Big companies tend to not take risks when they have a good franchise, and make a new game with the same mechanics. It might be fun in the beginning, but players will be wanting something fresh once they have play the same series with similar mechanics over and over. On the other hand, indie games gives players fresh and new experiences, and big companies have finally realized that they have to learn from indie games if they want to be successful in the future.

Q: Could you tell us about your future plans?
A: Out plan is to finish developing this game and to release it next year. We want to release it on PC and consoles, and so far we are on track to achieve this. We know that we will be facing many problems in the future, but with the dedication, passion, and hard work we can achieve everything.

Q: What is your goal?
A: Our companies goal is to create a game that will forever redefine how people play FPS games. FPS is not just about shooting bullets, killing enemies and monsters, or having blood and violence. I want people to understand that things have changed, and it many years have passed since the release of the first FPS games, such as Wolfenstein and Doom. Once people play Bootleg Systems, they will say its a new generation of shooting games, and will be wanting more games like this.

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