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This page will be introducing the exhibits in BitSummit 2017. You will find information about CrossCode, Radical Fish Games, and the booth’s condition.

Booth’s Condition

BitSummit crosscode



    CrossCode is a retro-inspired 2D action RPG set in the distant future, combining 16-bit SNES-style
    graphics with butter-smooth physics, a fast-paced combat system, and engaging puzzle mechanics,
    served with a gripping sci-fi story. You follow a player called Lea as she logs into CrossWorlds – a
    fictional MMO of the distant future. Lea is not your average player though. She has lost her
    memory and is (literally) mute. Now the only way to regain her memory is to play CrossWorlds,
    exploring game world, discovering what it has to offer, and meeting other players on the way. As Lea’s memory returns, a deep mystery surrounding CrossWorlds will be unraveled – and you may come to understand why a mute player got stuck in the game to begin with. CrossCode combines features of the action-adventure and RPG genres, delivering both a great variety of puzzles and an engaging, fast-paced combat system with plenty of options for character growth.

Title CrossCode
Genre 2D Action RPG
Platform PC, Mac, Linux
Developer Radical Fish Game
Release Date


    Q:What is this games strong point?
    A:It would be the gameplay. A lot of the feedback from the game is intuitive, and has very simple mechanics like throwing balls and switching puzzles, but there’s many things you can do with those simple mechanics.

    Q:Were there any difficulties when making this game?
    A:Because of the programming used to run the game it is difficult to import the game to consoles such as PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Also, the perspective of the game confuses people and though we have received feedbacks from players, we can’t really solve them since changing the rendering is too much work at this point.

    Q:Could you tell us about your future plans?
    A:We will first finish the story of the game before releasing the game. But we already have ideas for our next project, so after release we will add more content to it. After that we will maybe start a new project and first work on the engine.

    Q:What is your goal?
    A:If this game is a success, then we wan’t keep on making games. Also, finishing this game is a goal as well. It would be great if we could come back to Japan next year to participate in the 6th BitSummit.

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