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This page will be introducing the exhibits in BitSummit 2017. You will find information about Light Fall, Bishop Games, and the booth’s condition.

Booth’s Condition

BitSummit lightfall

Light Fall

Light Fall is a 2D immersive platformer that wants to redefine the genre and offer a fresh and exciting experience to the players. With its beautiful art style, its intriguing storyline and its innovative game mechanic in the Shadow Core, Light Fall is truly unique. The player will enter the strange world of Numbra, where darkness prevails over the light, and embark on a quest to uncover his mysterious past and save the inhabitants of this forgotten world.


Title Light Fall
Genre Platformer
Platform PC
Developer Bishop Games
Release Status Coming in November 2017


Q: What is this games strong point?
A: We have 2 strong points, and one would be the mechanic of the game. In Light Fall you are the one who controls the platform, and therefore everyone can progress through the game at their own pace. The second point would be the art style of the game, and everything colorful in game will kill you, which is something never seen before in other games.

Q: Were there any difficulties when making this game?
A: Because we are a small team and this gaming being our first project, we had many problems. The first problem was funding, and the first 2 years of making the game was a tough time.

Q: What do you think about indie games in general?
A: I think indie games are great because you always get to play something new. Because there’s numerous numbers of indie games being made, the developers have no choice but to innovate, compared to big companies which usually doesn’t take the risk of making something new.

Q: Could you tell us about your future plans?
A: Light Fall will be released on steam this November, and then release it on PS4, Xbox, and Switch on next March. We do have ideas for our second game such as a game in space, or a sequel to Light Fall if it becomes a success, but we won’t work on them right now because we really want to focus on Light Fall.

Q: What is your goal?
A: My goal is to be able to make games all my life. I don’t care about being rich, but care more about making video games with my friends.

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