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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Light IT 〜Terashioni〜” along with exhibitor, QUESTRO’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

BitSummit Light It

About “Light It 〜Terashioni〜”


BitSummit 5th Excellent In-sound Award Winner

Stop them by lighting.
This game is a combination of the 2D stealth game and the game, the “Statues”.
All weapon you have is the light. You explore the abnormal island where the enemies stop when they are lighted.

Title Light It 〜Terashioni〜
Genre 2D stealth action
Platform PC
Developer QUESTRO
Release Date Available


Q: What did you focus the most on this game?
A: I got an idea of the game from the “Statues”. I focused how to make the game fun based on the “Statues”. The elements of a 3D stealth game are applied to this game which is 2D. It makes the game enjoyable that because it is 2D, the users do not see everything in the game and also they come up with strategies based on it.

Q: What did you find the most difficult when developing this game?
A: The basis of this game is that “enemies cannot move when they are lighted. However, the game was not interesting enough only with that function. I found it difficult to expand the game based on it and make it enjoyable.
In order to do that, I added some gimmicks such as the security camera and letting the enemy step in a water pool to make where they are obvious.

Q: What is the benefit of an indie game?
A: The point that I can make the game freely.
This game has an extreme niche demand, so it is difficult to create it in the business.
Because it is an indie game, I am the only one who owes the risk, so I can make the game freely.
I think it is the benefit of the indie game that you can make unique games such as the game with the niche demand or the 2D game which is decreasing recently.

Q: Regarding the specific plan for the future?
A: This game has been released in the Stream, but I would like to release the game for the home-use game.
Also, I want to make the game of the different genre. Especially, I would like to make the strategy game.

Q: Exhibitor (Exhibiting company)’s aim
A: I want to make the game that we have never seen before.
For me, it was the first time to create the game, and I got many know-hows from the experience of making this game.
Next time, I would like to make a use of unique ideas using the know-hows that I learned.

Q: Any message?
A: You may find it difficult when you first play this game. But please overcome it and enjoy.

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BitSummit 5th Award Winner

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