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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article we introduce exhibit “LUNAXXX(tentative)” along with exhibitor Koshimizu’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth


Many women and children could be seen attending the “LUNAXXX” booth. Being a 2 player Co-op game, there were many who joined together with friends and loved ones, and many seemed to enjoy playing “LUNAXXX(tentative).”

About “LUNAXXX(tentative)”



“LUNAXXX” is a spin-off title of NTT Plala’s popular mobile game “Lunatan ~Kyojin Luna to Chitei Tanken!~(Giant Luna and the Journey to the Center of the Earth)“ which was recently given its own anime series on HikariTV.

“LUNAXXX” uses simple gyro controls; tilt the controller in the direction you wish to go, and this lets people from all ages to enjoy. This game; where you control the protagonist “Yona,” requires cooperation between the two players. For example, certain speeds can only be reached when both players tilt their controllers in the same direction. Many couples were seen playing at the booth.

This game may seem simple, but it also contains many details. Thanks to the Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble, the player can for example experience in-game wind through small rumbles. This game makes good use of the Nintendo Switch’s abilities, making it a unique title.

Genre Balancing Game
Platform Switch
Developer Pygmy Studio Co., Ltd.
Release Status To be decided

What is the game “Lunatan”?

“Lunatan” is an action puzzle game where the main character “Yona” and the Giant “Luna” team up to revive an ancient civilization, hidden deep underground.
The player controls “Yona” to dig into the ground, while “Luna” supports “Yona” with special abilities. Anyone can have fun with simple screen tap controls.


Q:What did you focus on the most during development?

We took into consideration the Switch’s abilities and characteristics such as multiplayer gyro controls and using HD Rumble to feel wind, to allow a “Switch exclusive” experience. We are also aiming to make the game accessible to both children and adults.

Q:Any thoughts on the new animation project?

The anime series of the mobile game “Lunatan” is currently airing on “HikariTV.” Be sure to check that out as well.

By the writer

This game is a casual, family friendly game. It’s simple and easy to play, even if you’re not used to games. There were only 2 playable levels at this event, so I’m looking forward to how this game will turn out.

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