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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article we introduce the exhibit “Eden Obscura” along with exhibitor Baiyon’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth


The glass panes at the booth were designed to look like the gameplay screen, making the booth opt to understand the concept of the project. The booth was very lively, with many families participating.

About Eden Obscura



“Eden Obscura” is a mobile version of the 2008 PlayStation3 game, “PixelJunk™ Eden” which received high reviews from all around the globe.
With the jump to mobile, many innovations have been made; making use of the camera to change the background, and additions of movements that match touch controls.
The artistic world of “Eden” has acquired even more vivid colors, making the gameplay and the aesthetics, both just as enjoyable.

Title Eden Obscura
Genre 2D Action
Platform Andoroid, iOS
Developer Q-Games,Lld.
Release Status


Q:What was your motivation to make such a beautiful game?
A: “Eden Obscura” is based off the PlayStation3 game “PixelJunk™ Eden.” Since “Eden Obscura” is a mobile game, we wanted to add aspects exclusive to mobile. We’ve wanted to try making a game implementing a camera for awhile, so we chose to try it out here. Because you can play mobile games anywhere, we wanted players to take advantage of their surroundings. So we chose to implement the camera, in order to let the game and the player’s surroundings meld together.
The word “Obscura” was originally a base word for “camera,” so we are envisioning the game overlapping with reality as we’re developing.

Q:We feel the game has a peaceful atmosphere.
A: Besides being a developer, I also work as a DJ, and enjoy the night-life. Along with this, I like to go to a loghouse and enjoy farming. I’ve always been searching for a perfect combination of the fundamentals of these two hobbies, which lead to this game’s style. We’ve added in shapes, colors, and things that are close to my heart, in an abstract way.

Q:Were there any hardships in development thus far?
A: It was our first time working on a game that uses a camera, we had trouble trying to express the graphical ambience, and not just the graphics themselves. Though, this trouble was a fun challenge to surpass. Because the game has a repetitive aspect to it, we wanted the visuals to change, which led us to add in the camera compatibility.

Q:So, were visual aspects the main focus?
A: I believe so. We focused on making the game look pretty no matter what kind of scenery you choose to use. Not only this, we also have refined the controls to better fit mobile. Though “PixelJunk™ Eden” was originally played on a joypad, we saw possibilities with touch controls, and as we thought, it matched very nicely.

From the Exhibitor

We believe our game is quite new and original. Being a mobile game, I myself am really looking forward to many people playing in various places and environments, so we hope that you will support us.

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