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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Pizzaverse” along with exhibitor, Epsilon Software Inc.’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

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About “Pizzaverse”


Suddenly one day, delivering pizza to space!?
Get some Rocket Boots, and let’s go delivering!

Swiping shoots the jet!
Swiping after flying into space shoots the jet and allows movement. Pass through stars and planets to look for the delivery destination.
But be careful of the gravitational force of planets.
You need skill to accurately travel to where you want to go!
(From the official website of BitSummit)

Title Pizzaverse
Genre 2D Action
Platform Andoroid, iOS
Developer Epsilon Software Inc.
Release Status Dec. 19, 2017


We interviewed Mr. Shinji WATANABE, the representative of Epsilon Software Inc.

Q:What did you focus on the most?
A: It is the game for a smartphone, so it was difficult to develop manipulability that can be accepted when swiping, without having the physical keys.
Especially, it is an action game, so manipulability was important. We developed the game so that everyone can enjoy the game.

Also, there are some differences according to which phone model to use. The game can be played comfortably regardless of those differences.

Q: What did you find the most difficult when developing this game?

A: The manipulation method that I referred earlier was the most difficult.

Also, we started developing the game by starting up the new company.
Because of that, we necessarily had a problem with the money, so we developed this game while we accepted the orders from other businesses.
It was difficult to develop the game intermittently while we worked on other companies’ orders.

Q: We saw the game in advance, and we found it kid-friendly as it had cute characters and the simple manipulability.
A: In fact, we did not intend to make the game kid-friendly.
We rather intended to make it friendly for the foreign users.
We made the game challenging, and we used primary colors for the characters so that they will be accepted in overseas.

Just to tell you, the game is currently downloaded by 150 thousand users, and it is sold the most in neither Japan nor China, but in Indonesia.
The game is popular not only in Asia but also in countries such as Egypt and Brazil. It makes us consider “why is the game so popular in that country?”

Q: Please tell us about your future works.
A: It is not so long ago that we started up the business, so there are not many company members yet.
As I mentioned earlier, we develop the game while we work on other companies’ development orders. So as a short-term goal, I would like to have more company members and create the environment where I myself can focus on the game development.
As a medium-term goal, currently we outsource the sound and the graphic to other companies, but we would like to employ the creator and develop the game using only our own resource.

This time, we were unable to manage the monetization well.
Rather, we were not capable of managing monetization, so we would like to work on that from now on.

Writer’s Impression

Opposing to how the game and characters look, there is a lot that you can play with this game.
When you pass the stage, you get the five “☆(stars)” maximum. However, it is difficult to get the maximum number although you are in the early stages.
I assume that because it is a simple game, you wish to “complete the ☆(stars)” even though it is difficult to achieve.

Once you play the game, it will be addictive, so I want you to take a look and play it once.

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