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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “The Silver Case 25 ward” along with the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth


It seemed that many fans of “Silver Case” came to see the exhibit, so there was a long line waiting at the booth. I was able to see a large number of young ladies, so probably there were not only the fans from the time when the game was originally released but also new fans.
In BitSummit 2017, the booth was crowded with people, showing a high level of attention that the work received.

About “The Silver Case 25 ward”



“The Silver Case 25 ward” is the handphone application that was released from 2005 to 2009, and a sequel to the PS version “Silver Case” released in 1999.
The featurephone version of “The Silver Case 25 ward” was revised so that it can be played using the PC.
Mr. Suda Goichi presented the newest remade version “The Silver Case 25 ward” on the stage.

Title The Silver Case 25 ward
Genre Adventure Game
Platform Windows PC
Developer Grasshopper Manufacture
Release Status Booth display only

What Is ”Silver Case”?
“Silver Case” is an adventure game for PlayStation, released in 1999. In 2016, after 17 years, “The Silver Case”, which is HD remastered version supporting both Japanese and English for Windows PC was released through downloading. Currently, HD remastered version can be played through Stream and PLAYISM, and also will be released for PlayStation4.

Writer’s Impression

Because it is a remake of the full-fledged adventure game, we can have a high level of expectation for this game. There are many fans who want to play “The Silver Case 25 ward”, which cannot be played currently. I personally would like to play the game as soon as possible.
We all look forward to hearing further news.

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