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This page will be introducing the exhibits in BitSummit 2017. You will find information about Unsouled, Megusta Games, and the booth’s condition.

Booth’s Condition

BitSummit unsouled



    Unsouled is a 2D-action game, inspired by the game Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny (Capcom, 2002)
    The Player has ability to absorb souls. The story is about conflict with enemies.

    The gameplay focused primarily on fast-paced, highly stylized combat.
    Exploring a pixelated interactive world is also main feature of this game.

Title Unsouled
Genre 2D-action game
Platform PC
Developer Megusta Game
Release Date


    Q:Can you tell us about your game?
    A:Unsouled is a 2D-action game, inspired by the game Onimusha 2. There are many systems related to Onimusha such as the counter system. Also, since I am a big fan of Street Fighter there is a one on one chain system, and the game itself is combat based. The pixel art for the game uses a direct writing system, and the scenery changes depending on the time, and there is a day and night circulation.

    Q:What is this games strong point?
    A:That would be this games combat system. Its very difficult to master since there is lots of systems such as the counter system, chain system, just guard system, etc. Also, the game is speedy. Managing stamina is something you always have to keep in mind.

    Q:Were there any difficulties when making this game?
    A:Since I am the only developer of this game, time and money was a problem. Also, because this is my second game I did not have much experience in creating games, therefore some of the systems such as the direct writing system took a lot of effort to create.

    Q:What do you think about indie games in general?
    A:It depends on how you define indie. Now days a lot of people make indie games, but that isn’t a simple statement because even if I describe myself as a indie developer, people still won’t be able to define indie. But for me the meaning of indie doesn’t mean anything, and what matters the most is whether the game is fun or not.

    Q:Could you tell us about your future plans?
    A:It would be to release this game within 2 years. Though the main system is ready, but I have to put in content for the game, and because I am the only developer, it will take some time.

    Q:What is your goal?
    A:The first thing would be to finish this game. Also, because I am a big fan of the Onimusha series, I want to be respected by the Onimusha fans.

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