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This page will be introducing the exhibits in BitSummit 2017. You will find information about ARENA GODS, Supertype, and the booth’s condition.

Pre-Alpha Gameplay


ARENA GODS® is Spectacle Combat, a top-down, arena fighting game where 2 to 4 gladiators compete for the crowd’s favor in an anything goes death match spectacle.
You are gladiator.
Brave the arena and win the crowd to seize godhood!


Genre Arena Fighting
Platform PC、Mac
Developer Supertype
Release Status Coming in 2017


Q: What is this games strong point?
A: The atmosphere of the game and its fast pace gameplay brings hilarity to the players.

Q: Were there any difficulties when making this game?
A: The only real hurdle was our team having different timezone because we are a international team.

Q: What do you think about indie games in general?
A: I like indie games because they can be very experimental compared to the big ones as they have to make money with the games they create. For example, a lots of the games exhibited at BitSummit will probably never had been made by big companies.

Q: Could you tell us about your future plans?
A: It would be great if we can have online multiplayer for this game, and release it on console.

Q: What is your goal?
A: To make awesome games and live like a rock stars.

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