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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “BackSlash” along with exhibitor, Skelton Crew Studio’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth


About BackSlash


“BackSlash” is a spell casting battle game, featuring the high-speed one on one battles.

Each fighter is formed from the combination of the two schools, which display the characteristic spells and abilities, and such combinations allow them to have varied battle styles in the game. During the battle, fighters recite as many spells as possible in order to attack quickly until the opponent falls.

The game is being developed at present.

(From the official website of the BitSummit)

Title BackSlash
Genre One-Dimensional Dungeon Crawler
Platform Physical
Developer Robin Baumgarten
Release Status Unreleased


Q: Could you tell us what kind of games these are? Also, what is this game’s biggest focus?
A: “BlackSlash” is a battle action game. Particularly, you are able to show a lot of moves using various techniques or combinations of the techniques during the battle. Therefore, each player can freely combine different actions.

*Interviewer: Certainly, it is amusing to see various characters with different motions.

We are honored to hear that.

Q: What did you find the most difficult when developing this game?
A: I think expressing the motions of the characters was complicated.

For instance, a small change in the motion causes a big change on the screen. Therefore, this is the fact that adjusting such issues takes some time even though we are trying our best, and also we still have a lot of points to improve. This is the biggest challenge for us since it is an action game.

Also, adjusting the controls, especially synchronizing the move with the controller was another problem.

Interviewer: You undoubtedly have to focus on the operation of the device in order to create a battle game.

Sure. That is one of the biggest issues that we have to improve in the near future.

Q: How do you think about an indie game?
A: The best thing about indie game is freedom.
Being able to have a free choice is very important.
It was disappointing that they had to create another game without accomplishing this.

Q: Regarding the plan for the future?
A: We are focusing on releasing “BackSlash” at the moment. Since we are considering about releasing this game on steam and Switch, we are planning to coordinate it as well.

Release of the next game is still undecided.

Q: What is your goal after this?
A: We would like to create and release our own unique designs little by little.

Q: Any message to the fans?
A: We would really like you to try our “BackSlash”

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