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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article we introduce the exhibit “Creeping Terror” along with exhibitor Sushi Typhoon Games’ comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth


About Creeping Terror


“Creeping Terror” is a side scrolling action game. The player controls a highschool girl, Arisa and adventures dark caves, mines, and cursed mansions. This game’s final goal is to escape mysterious realms lurking with traps and enemies.
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Title Creeping Terror
Genre side-scrolling action
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Release Status Unreleased


Q: What kind of game is this? What are some highlights?
A: Because we’re developing for the 3DS, we of course focused on 3D.

There are not a lot of side scroll horror games on the 3DS, so in that sense, the horror aspect is another point.

But, we took a bit of inspiration from “Clock Tower” except for the initial image of the game.

Concepts of earlier games are interesting, and we feel it wrong to try to stay completely away from these systems. I’ve had experiences when a familiar system helped me enjoy a game before, too.

But instead of training on with these other ideas, we developed with strong focus on it being a “horror game.”

Q: What were some struggles in development?
A: One was that we couldn’t see an actual end goal.
Another was that there was a deadline.
It was very difficult to find a stopping point.

Fine-tuning a game has no end, so we were troubled at how far we should go before releasing.

We felt a sense of compromise at the end, it was a difficult decision.

*Reporter: Balancing quality and time is certainly a hard point.

We didn’t have a good answer for this, so we used more time and money. It’s alright while we’re receiving development budgets, but if another game with similar properties pops up, our budgets would be at the danger of being cut.

So we thought long and hard, until the end to make that decision.

Even if a similar project came up, it may help motivate us, but the players will probably wonder if one copied the other.

Q: What are your thoughts on indie games?
A: There are some games in the world that are made for money. We don’t want our game to be like that, so we develop because we want to develop. It’s nice to be able to see that we’re creating something that only we can make; company or not.

FPS and open-world games are mainstream currently, but we believe there are other ways to play games, and indie games are what show the community that next option.

Q: What are you planning from here?
A: Our first goal is to send “Creeping Terror” worldwide. We’re still in the negotiation stage, so we don’t have any dates yet.

Happily, we received a notice about a sequel. Being a 3DS game, “Creeping Terror” has a lower difficulty level. But for the sequel, we are talking about raising the difficulty.

There weren’t a lot of hiding mechanics in “Creeping Terror,” so we want more of that. Maybe something movie-like. For example hiding in a locker room, or events triggered by hiding somewhere.

There are some horror scenes where your phone rings while hiding. I think adding those kinds of aspects into a game would make a tense atmosphere.

Q: What are your goals?
A: This is very personal, but I felt that strategy-simulation games like “Densetsu no Ouga Battle”(Legendary Ogre Battle) aren’t selling, and aren’t as popular anymore.

These games are appearing less and less, but I like these games, so I want to try and revive genres that are dying out.

Overseas, these kinds of games still exist, and I feel they have a higher chance to survive.

There might be a chance some genres that didn’t work in Japan may work somewhere else, so I do want to try that sometime in the future.

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