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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article we introduce the exhibit “DropCity” along with comments from the exhibitor “Game Bosatsu Group,” and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

ビットサミット 1
Picture of the developer and the booth.

About DropCity


“Suibotsu Toshi -man on the moon” (DropCity)
Due to a certain piece of technology malfunctioning, multiple disasters assaulted the Earth, finally causing it to completely sink underwater. The only survivors were those at “Biosphere M” an atmosphere construction project on the moon. In order to stabilize an artificial ecosystem on Earth, these members sent super-humanized divers to Earth. Their mission is to gather “DNA fragments” scattered about the surface. Simultaneously, the divers come to notice the corruptions of “Biosphere M“ and its members. Led by a mysterious signal, the divers go deeper; to where no human has ever been.
(Referenced from BitSummit HP)

Title Suibotsu Toshi -man on the moon” (DropCity)
Genre VR search action
Platform PC
Release Status Unreleased


Using a map database known as “ShimadaSystem,” the terrain is generated to look exactly like today’s Earth surface. This game can recreate anything on the map. With the use of VR, this game turns out to be a very innovative project.

Writer’s Thoughts

I’ve played VR games before, but never one where you swim in it. This was certainly a new experience.
Many points were still left hidden due to the game still being in development. Using the still yet immature VR system and combining it with real life terrain, this game happens to be a never before seen type of game. There is no demo yet, so I’m very excited for one to be released.

From the Exhibitor

We’re trying out ideas we never could’ve in an actual company. Because there are still not many VR games; much less of these that you can play for a long time, we want DropCity to be the VR game with this aspect. Since VR hardware is evolving quickly, it will take time to finish this game. We hope you understand and will enjoy our game on release.

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