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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article we introduce the exhibit “FLICAR” along with exhibitor ECC Computer Vocational School (A.Z TIMES)’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth




To play this score based flick action game, you use touch controls to change arrows on the stage which controls movements of cars.
(Referenced from BitSummitHP)

Genre Score type flick action
Platform Android
Developer A.Z TIMES
Release Status Unreleased


Q: Tell us about the game. What are some highlights?

A: In “FLICAR,” cars come in from the side, and the player can change arrows on the road to lead the cars along.

After seeing the Japan Game Awards 2016, we took the keyword of “flow” and thought of this game.

The word “flow” can signify water and electricity, but we came up with traffic officers swinging flags.

There we thought that traffic is something that flows.

*Reporter: How many people were in the development team?

We developed with a team of 5.

Q: What were some struggles during development?

A: Not exactly a struggle, but at first we only had one intersection, but that was no fun at all, so we changed that to 9.

Level design, if that’s the right word, was one struggle we had.

Q: What are your thoughts on indie games?

A: These are my general thoughts on the whole event today, but I admire those who exhibited projects with no certain theme, but with desire alone.

Q: What are your plans from here?

A: We don’t have any specifics, but just want to make something. Though because we are just school students, we can’t go very far.

Q: What are your goals?

A: I apologize for how normal this is, but as a student, my goal is to be employed.

Q: Can we have some closing statements for your fans?

A: Thank you for playing “FLICAR”!!

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