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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Space warrior GALAK-Z” along with exhibitor, 17-Bit’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

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About Space warrior GALAK-Z


The incanscendent 2D space battle game has been levelled up! GALAK-Z is an open world as well as modern artificial intelligence – physics driven action game, seeing the battle through a special lens of classic 16-bit. Using the GALAK-Z, equipped with next-generation Cyntient AI platform, players can become a pilot of an animated spaceship which exists in the world created by a process.
In addition to the fact that GALAK-Z is a love letter given to the 80’s arcade space battle game and Japanese SF animation, it is also a genuine evolution of 2D battle game. Control a dynamic and unusual world by beating the cunning enemies using high-speed control function… That is a space battle game with modern and also retro style that nobody has ever played! (Referenced from 17-Bit official)

Title Space warrior GALAK-Z
Genre STG
Platform PS4,PC
Developer 17-Bit
Release Status Released


Q: What did you focus the most on “Space warrior GALAK-Z”?
A: This game is a fusion of retro game and modern game, thus the deepness of the game and tactics are very characteristic. It is also influenced by Japanese animation.

Q: Did you have any trouble to create this game?
A: We could not find any similar games, thus we did not have any useful information to create this game.

Q: What is good about indie game?
A: The fact that only small companies can produce it.

Q: What is your goal and other works?
A: We are very interested in VR! Also, we are planning to release a sequel of mobile version within this year.

Comment from the writer

Although the controls are peculiar and difficult, it is also a refreshing seating game once you get used to it. I felt that this game is very attractive because the characters are created in American style and it contains some scenes which seems to have an influence from Japanese SF animations. I’m looking forward to the sequel of the mobile version which is apparently produced within this year.

Message from the exhibitor

We would like many of you to try this game!

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