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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “GIGA WRECKER” along with exhibitor, GAME FREAK Inc.’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

ゲームフリーク ブース



Reika, a girl who became a cyborg and has the ability to manipulate debris explores a world invaded by “Aji-to”, an army of evil robots.
Manipulating debris, she beats the enemy. Using debris, she makes a scaffold. And using debris, she solves the mystery.
It is a new 2D puzzle action game, colored by unique and attractive visuals and sounds.

Genre 2D physical puzzle action
Platform STEAM(Windows PC)
Developer GAME FREAK Inc.
Release Status Feb. 7, 2017
Genre Action
Platform PlayStation 4/Xbox One/STEAM(Windows PC)
Developer GAME FREAK Inc.
Release Status Released

Writer’s Impression

It is a puzzle action game that uses the physical engine. You solve a various gimmick using debris and explore the world.
The usual world exploration has a characteristic as a puzzle game, while the boss fight at each stage has a strong feature as an action game.
It is unique in terms of its graphic, and its operability was great. The game’s quality is just what you would expect from GAME FREAK Inc.
It was especially interesting that you can solve the gimmicks within the world using a variety of methods.
There is a tentative right answer for how to solve the gimmicks, however, there are some places that you have several ways to move on using the feature of the physical engine.
Please be flexible and enjoy solving the mystery.


Q: What did you focus on the most?
A: It is a game system that emphasizes the physical engine.

Q: What did you find the most difficult when developing this game?
A: Since it was self-publishing, it was difficult to deal with overall tasks.
Usually, we mainly work on developing the game, so we did not have much experience on works such as promotion.
When publishing the past titles, we outsourced the promotion to other companies, so it was difficult for us to work on the process apart from the development of the game by ourselves.
It is easy to release the title in Stream, so there are a large number of titles released.
Being one of those games, we considered and are still considering how we can catch the user’s eyes, let them buy and play the game.
We realized how rough it was for the related companies that dealt with these works in the past, and we again appreciated them.
We are trying to pile up know-how through the promotion of the past the Gia-Project titles.

Q: About specific works from now on?
A: As the Gia-Project, it is not concrete yet, so we cannot talk about its detail. However, there is a new project going on.
Regarding GIGA WRECKER, we are planning to have the next update around June. In that update, it is planned to add a new playable character apart from the main one.

Q: The exhibitor (the exhibiting company)’s goal?
A: Our company became popular by the Pokemon series, and we are thankful for all the users.
In addition to that, we are putting effort to develop the title that can be our feature apart from the Pokemon series.
By getting favorable reviews on the titles that we released in the Gia-Project, as well as other titles that we will be developing, we would like to have another feature of the company.

Q: Regarding the plan of releasing an unsold game?
A: I am very sorry but I cannot answer that.

Q: We also questioned about a switch sell of the Pokemon series.
A: Regarding that, I cannot answer “YET”.

He laughed and answered so.

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