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This page will be introducing the exhibits in BitSummit 2017. You will find information about GNOSIA,Petit Depottio, and the booth’s condition.

At the Booth

ビットサミット 35_1
At the booth, there are so many fans.ビットサミット 35_2

Playing the last game, “Maison De Maou”



BitSummit 5th Dengeki Playstation Award Winner

“GNOSIA” is the werewolf game which its stage is the SF world. One play lasts for about 15 minutes, and we you finish each turn, the main character and each character’s role and the story changes.

In the discussion part where you discuss who the GNOSIA is, each character including the main one doubts each other, dispels the doubts, and vote for who they think the most doubtful. The one who got the most vote will be cold-slept.

In a subsequent moving part, you can talk with each character inside the ship. You can make use of this time in many ways, such as making other character believe in you or going to talk with the character who you suspects the most.
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Genre adventure game
Platform PSVita
Developer Petit Depotto
Release Status During 2017

What’s So Cool About This Game?

In this game, you fight against the AI in the werewolf game only on your own. Something cool about this game is that you can raise your status by executing the opponent effectively and so on.
It is really unique to have RPG elements in the ADV.
They said that they are aiming for the “adventure game that can be played 1000 times”, which the users play the 15 minutes-game a number of times. I really think that we can play 1000 times.

We cannot underestimate the opponent, which is the AI.
It has a great system which the conversation flow is natural.

Message from the Exhibitor

We want this game to be played by the players such as people who are not familiar with the werewolf game, people who want to play but cannot, and people who do not like the opposing game.

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