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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Happy Wars” along with exhibitor, Toylogic’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth


About Happy Wars


Happy Wars is a large-scale online multiplayer action game, which is usually free to play.
Go and play in over-the-top battles in a fantasy setting, where a siege and a magic battle are happening with players all over the world.

If you get the fancy graphic items, you can run around the battlefield with your own customized character.
In an online game, the teamwork is the essential key for the victory.
Cooperate with your teammate and use the strong team skill which will change the result of the war.

(From the official website of the BitSummit)

Title Happy Wars
Genre online multiplayer action
Platform PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Developer Toylogic
Release Status Unreleased

About Happy Dungeons


Cut loose in the dungeons with up to four friends in Happy Dungeons, the cooperative action RPG which is usually free to play!
“Happy Dungeons” is the online multi-playing action RPG with a high level of the action.
You can have fun with your family and friends both in the living room and online.

A cheerful and clever story. A wonderful worldview filled with the comical characters.
A lively graphic that you have never seen before will certainly make you happy.

(From the official website of the BitSummit)

Title Happy Dungeons
Genre cooperative action RPG
Platform PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Developer Toylogic
Release Status Unreleased


Q:Could you tell us what kind of games these are? Also, what did you focus the most on these games?
A:This time, we exhibit two games, “Happy Wars” and “Happy Dungeons”. For “Happy Dungeon”, it is the action game. There is a lot to explore when playing the action game. But we tried to make it something acceptable to everyone.

Of course, the game can be played for a long period of time by the user who loves to play the action game. However, “Happy Dungeon” is usually free to play and it has a feature that anyone can download the game.
Also, because it has a casual graphic, we focused so that users can lightly play it with the family and friends.

*Interviewer: I could clearly see that the game has a casual graphic, a clear motion, and dramatic damaging effects.

Right! We intended to make it dramatic.
As well as the characters, because in “Happy Dungeons” it is the cooperative game by four players, there will be 120 enemies on the screen in maximum. We tried to make the damaging effect of them dramatic.

As it is an indie game, its quality cannot go beyond the triple A game. So we tried to polish other elements, such as the comical character or the dramatic visual effects.

“Happy Wars” is the game that 30 people can play at the same time. As the original concept, the verse game is FPS or other elements are available. It is impossible to make the verse game which is similar to “Overwatch” and other games, especially because it is an indie game.

In that sense, we wanted to make a casual verse game with the comical characters, which can be a little break from playing the serious verse game.

Interviewer: I felt that you have a strong feeling for building a relationship with people in the game, such as the verse or the cooperation.

Yes, indeed.
In the modern world, we can easily play the game with other people online.

Of course, we can play the game on our own. However, it is difficult to make the user play the game which is usually free.
We think it is important that users can ask someone to play the game with them, saying “there is a fun game so let’s play it together.”

Q:What did you find the most difficult when developing this game?
A:For both “Happy Wars” and “Happy Dungeons”, they do not use the server and the clients are connected via a P2P network.

Here again, is an issue with an indie game. Usually, it is common to build the server for the 15:15 or the cooperative game of four people.
However, one problem was how to acquire the fee to maintain the server.

Also, when the server is used, the user A connects to the user B via the server (User A→Server→User B). However, in a good Internet environment, the P2P which connects the user A directly to the user B (User A→User B) provides a better response.

Based on these two thoughts, we intentionally chose P2P, but the Internet environment differs from one to another.
In such situation, it was difficult to connect the users through P2P, and it was even more difficult than creating the content of the game.

We have been improving the connection problem, and we put effort so that the users can play the game comfortably as much as possible.

Interviewer: Surely, the connection is one of the key elements of the online game.

Yes, a response and the absence of the lag are essential elements.
So, for “Happy Dungeons”, we tried to keep it minimum.
To explain it simply, it calculates how it changed from the original condition.
By using that method, we tried to keep the data traffic minimum and provide a comfortable gaming environment for the user.

Since it is an indie game, we only had limited budgets and staff. However, we have to deliver how enjoyable the game is.
For the user, it does not matter if the game is an indie or the general one because a game is a game. It does not matter if it is an indie to buy the game which costs 5000 yen. Again, a game is a game.

So, we wanted to take different approaches such as having the cute character or the comfortable gaming environment, not something like the wonderful effects or the movie-like video.

Q:How do you think about an indie game?
A:The game by the major company is often straightforward and you can enjoy it as something like a Hollywood movie. In contrast, an indie game exercises a various kind of ingenuity.
The indie game tends to be really unique because the creator releases what they really want to make.

How the user feels about the game differs according to the personality of the user. I think if you look for one in the environment such as BitSummit through your own medium, you will find the game which you truly love.

Interviewer: I thought there was such a game in the past?

Well, ye……………s. LoL
For example, “Minecraft” is the popular example.
I thought that its idea was based on something that people rarely come up with in the major companies.

In the major companies, there are so many people involved in the development. Since it is not a hobby, but a business as the company, it is difficult to develop a unique game.

Q:Regarding the plan for the future?
A:I cannot tell you the specific plan such as the title yet, but there is a game that is on the process on the development.
We are planning to release the game in the future.
We will inform you all, so please wait for a while if you are looking forward.

Q:Any message to the fans?
A:Our strength is the action game, especially the online action game. We would like to make a use of it.
Also, “Happy” series are featured by its comical atmosphere and casualness, so we will provide such a game in the future as well. We hope that everyone will be stay tuned.

Links to Exhibited Projects

Happy Wars official page
Happy Dungeons official page

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