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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “in:dark” along with exhibitor, ozumikan’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

ozumikan ブース

About in:dark


“in:dark” is an action game in which the player heads toward deep down the water as saving a girl by taps and flips to control the spirit, thus overall, it is a vertical scroll action game. The memory of the main character comes back as diving deep down. Aim for the ending of the story as predicting the future.

Title in:dark
Genre vertical scroll action
Platform Android/iOS
Developer ozumikan
Release Status Unreleased


Q: Points that are focused on this game
A: We focused on the outlook of the world in this game. I always want to make the view of the world special, I again put a focus on how to tell the story of the game. As playing this game, you will gradually see the reasons why it’s a girl and her spirit, and why you have to dive into the water. Additionally, the system also has a special characteristic which the judgement of the attack depends on the spirit, thus the judgement is made after the girl is attacked.

Q: The toughest part in the process of creating this game?
A: Adjusting the difficulty of each stage was difficult because the each stage is generated randomly.

Q: The good point about indie game
A: It’s great that the each game is very unique. You can understand this if you actually play, but the indie game has bristled characteristic, which I prefer.

Q: Specific plan afterwards
A: Since this game is not yet completed, we will focus on the completion.

Q: Future goal
A: None of our game has not been downloaded by many people even though we have created various games. Therefore, our goal is to make more people to enjoy our game.

Q: Plan for release of uncompleted games
A: We are not thinking about next game yet. However, we will definitely create other games, thus we would want to release some work afterwards.

Q: Last comment
A: We want many of you to enjoy our game once it’s released.

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