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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article we introduce the exhibit “Hakurei Frontier” “Real Juuki vs Shuumai” along with exhibitor Flash Games Japan’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

The reporter, failing epicly.
ビットサミット 失敗する記者
So close! Just a bit more to winning!
ビットサミット 重機vs焼売重機vs焼売


You have to remove the green peas on the Shuumai dumpling. With an excavator.
(Referenced from BitSummitHP)

Title Real Juuki vs Shuumai
Genre FlashGame
Platform iOS
Developer Flash Games Japan
Release Status Released
Title Hakurei Frontier
Genre Toho browser game
Platform PC
Developer Flash Games Japan
Release Status Unreleased


*These questions are mainly on Real Juuki vs Shuumai.
Q: Could you tell us about the game? What are some highlights?
A: Our highlight has to be that it’s a flash game. Flash games were mainstream just about 10 years ago, and we’ve strived to keep up that passion of the time.
We’re not thinking of “fun+profitable.”
We’ve gone for just making it fun.

Q: What were some struggles during development?
A: Flash isn’t a genre that’s played as much anymore, and is at a state of being “left out.”
But even so, not exactly vengeance or anything, but we want to show everyone that there is still some making fun content.

Q: What do you think about indie games?
A: To be honest, it feels weird to release a game like this. (one that fully ignores revenue)
But even so, it’s great to have a place to present like this. Though this feeling of “We’ve made a funny game!” is definitely an indie only aspect.

BitSummit is a special place, and we want to keep making games like this. So as the representative of Japan, we feel a strong desire to have people laugh.

Reporter: So, when you saw me failing and shouting out……?

Yes, it makes us happy.
Even more if you don’t manage to win.

Reporter: It’s a bit disappointing to see a player win easily, right?

Exactly, it makes the player think that it’s an easy game.

Reporter: I guess I was completely tricked by that illusion. (luaghing)

Just as we wanted, thank you. (laughing)

Q: Tell us about some future plans.
A: All we are thinking about is making fun and interesting content, so we just want to continue this and keep the community strong.

Q: Can we have a message for your fans?
A: Flash is still alive and well!

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