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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Malicious Fallen” along with exhibitor, Alvion’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

ビットサミット 88_1
Photo at the booth. There were many people waiting on the line.

ビットサミット 88_2
Powerful package drawing.

About Malicious Fallen


“MALICIOUS” series completed right here!

The new game, High Speed Action Game Series only for download, containing boss battles for the whole game is on sale at PlayStation®4!

The popular game condensed concept that action game has, and fantasised outlook of the game world are kept the same. However, it becomes more beautiful as well as refreshing, and “MALICIOUS” has newly come back to PS4® stage!

In addition to the new stage, new story of the last series, and many of the new elements, stages of the past work from PS3® “MALICIOUS,” and PS Vita “MALICIOUS REBIRTH” are completely recorded! The compilation of the “MALICIOUS” series is right here! (Referenced from BitSummit official)

Title Malicious Fallen
Genre Action
Platform PS4
Developer Alvion Inc.
Release Status Feb.10,2017

Attractive point

We recommend this game with confidence to those who like action games because it is a dynamic action game with beautiful graphics.

After selecting a stage, the player start the battle against the boss, and the mobs appear during the battle. Only the good points about action games are used in this game, thus we can promise to people, who love to “beat the enemies up” would be captivated.

We think that the outlook of the world in this game is hugely influenced by the fantasy. Even though the setting is established in detail, there is no noticeable story in the game, thus it just suggests the existence of a story. Therefore, it is also recommended for those who like to guess or think about the development of this game.

It has an unbelievable quality as if you no longer can think it is an indie game, thus we definitely wish many of you to enjoy “Malicious Fallen” once. We can confidently recommend this game to action game lovers too.

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