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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article we introduce the exhibit “Blaster Master” “Mighty Gunvolt Burst” along with exhibitor Inti Creates’ comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

インティ・クリエイツ ブース

About Blaster Master,Mighty Gunvolt Burst


With new features added from “Mighty Gunvolt” comes “Mighty Gunvolt Burst”.
Such features include an ability growth system, resource scavenging and more, creating a content-rich video game.
The 80’s-like retro taste has been renewed to have a 90’s feel.
This game has 2 playable protagonists; “Beck” from “Mighty No. 9” and “Gunvolt” from “Azure Striker Gunvolt.”
Look forward to “Mighty Gunvolt Burst” releasing on both the 3DS and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Title Blaster Master Zero
Genre Action
Platform 3DS,Ninteido Switch
Developer Inti Creates
Release Status Mar 09,2017
Title Mighty Gunvolt Burst
Genre Action
Platform 3DS,Ninteido Switch
Developer Inti Creates
Release Status Jun.15,2017(Swich)/Jun.28,2017(3DS)

Below will be an introduction of presented info on “Mighty Gunvolt Burst.”
[Playable Characters]
Beck; a robot, was created by Dr. White, and has his own “heart.”
In Mighty No. 9, Beck would take in Xel robots to gain abilities, but here this power is disabled.
He cannot use transformation actions in this game, but he has received a new weapon from Dr. White; one that synchronizes with Becks evolutions.

In the story, Beck gets trapped by Gunvolt while diving in cyberspace.

Gunvolt is a strong adept, and has an ability “Azure Striker.” He has the soul of a former adept “Joule” inside him, and she supports Gunvolt.
In the Azure Striker Gunvolt series, Gunvolt can control lighting at will, but in this cyberspace, all he can use is his “Flashfield” attack.
Along with his gun, the “Dart Leader” and help from Joule in a pinch, he faces this mysterious world.

In this game, he is suddenly ported to an unknown world where he meets Beck, who throws him into an inter-race combat tournament; the “Mighty Battle Tournament” against his will.

[Unique Mechanics]
Burst Combo
Defeat an enemy close by to gain a “Burst” score bonus.
Burst multiple enemies in succession to activate a “Burst Combo” and rack up more and more points.
These “Burst” mechanics apply to stage bosses as well, making it possible to aim for super-high scores.
All you have to do is defeat an enemy close by, so a good strategy is to weaken enemies from afar and finish up close.

Customizing with modules can change your shooting stats.
Multiple types exist such as piercing shots and homing shots, so try and find your match.
You can test your customization before missions in the test room.
The better the module, the more “CP(Cost Points)” are needed, and this amount cannot be surpassed.
As long as you don’t pass the CP threshold, you can customize infinitely.
Some modules even lower CP, which trades character abilities with score increases.

Character growth
Item drops from enemies and stage clear rewards raise character CP.
CP can not only help shot customization, but also be used to raise character stats like attack and defense. Raise your stats and go through harder stages.

Pixel Stamps
These are character icons made in pixel art. These are hidden in stages, and some are rare drops from boss enemies. There are more than 100 of these in-game, and can only be obtained once. These are saved in the collection screen, and are registered as icons for customization slots.
Also, these are shared across save files so they can be used in other files.

A mechanic that makes use of the Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble.
With dowsing effects on, the Joy-con will rumble and show the way when a hidden gimmick is close by. Even some simple platforms and walls can sometimes be destroyed with attacks, so dowsing while gathering items is a good idea. Apparently, the module that gives you the dowsing ability is hidden somewhere in the intro stage.


Here we mainly asked about “Mighty Gunvolt Burst.”
In this interview, Inti Creates’ CEO, Takuya Aizu answered our questions.

Q: The most focused point of this game
A: In our last game “Mighty Gunvolt,” there was a special bonus for people who had also bought “Azure Striker Gunvolt.”
Because of this, that game was fairly lacking in content, so this time we went for giving the player longer playtime. This game’s director is “Mighty No. 9” director Ikegami. He has a strong attachment to the characters of Mighty No. 9, and he highly requested the use of them in the new game, thus resulting in our new game. This title was created without the supervision of Mighty No. 9’s creator “Keiji Inafune” or “Concept Inc.” and with just Inti Creates.

Q: The largest struggle in development
A: This title will be released on both the 3DS and the Nintendo Switch. Because of this, we needed to be careful not to build around just one platform, to keep both sides happy. There was a need for keeping a balance between hardware while integrating the Switch’s new features, which was difficult.
We wanted to add in more systems like controller sharing, the HD Rumble, versus modes, but unfortunately this would create a value difference in the 2 versions. We wanted to avoid this, so releasing on 2 systems was a challenge itself.

Q: Appeal of indie games
A: What’s nice about indie games is that the developers and players have a closer relationship. We can join events like BitSummit and directly receive feedback from players.
Also, interacting with these players gives us motivation. In that sense, indie events are a great opportunity to do so.

Q: Plans from here
A: We’re planning to join events in both Japan and overseas; Tokyo Game Show, Digital Game Expo, TooManyGames, anime Expo, and if we are accepted, we want to join PAX East.
We’re looking forward to meeting more and more game fans.

Q: Goals of the exhibitor
A: We (Inti Creates) started up on the intent to make games from the beginning, so making games like “Gunvolt” has raised our company’s motivation.
Gunvolt has been enjoyed by quite a lot of people, but we want these people to have more fun with other games.
We want to develop more large-scale games and publish “Inti Creates” as a brand, and have more people enjoy our products.

Q: About new releases
A: Currently we’re developing games other than “Mighty Gunvolt Burst.”
2 titles for the Nintendo Switch, and one may be released this year. The other seems to be on the pace to almost make the beginning of next year.
Also a VR title, “GalGunVR” is up for release, so please look forward to that as well.

Q: Closing words
A: Inti Creates is made up of action game lovers, and we put a lot of focus on that aspect. But of course that’s not the only genre we like, and we want to try making other kinds of games in the future. We hope you keep up to our info, and try out games with genres and characters that fit you.

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