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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Momodora V” along with exhibitor, Bombservice’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

BitSummit Momodora V

About Momodora V


“Momodora V” is an action adventure game in which a Shinto maiden, Momo goes to heal the sacred tree in order to purify her own country.
(Referenced from BitSummit official)

Title Momodora V
Genre Action Adventure
Platform PC
Developer Bombservice
Release Status Unreleased

Interview (Q&A)

Q: Could you tell me about the features of this game?
A: Although this game is action-oriented like the former series, it is produced in 3D and the player can avoid the attacks by dodge rolls.

Q: Could you tell me the reason why you changed the 2D version into 3D this time?
A: I just like action game if it’s either 2D game or 3D game, so that I simply wanted to challenge producing 3D game this time.

Q: What did you focus the most on this game?
A: Even though this game is still in the progress of production, we are considering to create an interesting action game, so that we are particularly focusing on the boss battle.

Q: Did you have any trouble to create this game?
A: We had a hard time learning new tools and new engines to produce in 3D since we used engines for 2D game until now.

Q: What is good about indie game?
A: Producers can freely produce the games, thus such freedom let them attempt a great challenge. It is pleasant that producers are able to create anything they want while marking forms a core for major companies at all costs.

Q: What is your goal?
A: It is not yet decided if this game will be included in the series because even though the exhibited game is named “Momodora,” it is still in the trial stage. However, we would like to create different games utilising the skills learned from this game.

What do you think about BitSummit?
A: We were very pleased to see many fans directly at such event because “Momodora” series is a very long series. We feel sorry about making them wait for the new product, but we are also glad that they are looking forward to it. Also, the producer of “Iconoclasts” is my old friend, so that BitSummit provides a great opportunity for us to meet him as well as other game producers directly to share our ideas.

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