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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Magic Potion Destroyer” along with exhibitor, ARTIFACTS’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth


About Magic Potion Destroyer


It has been three years since being locked in the witch’s castle. She finally attempted to escape from there by the use of force. She went back to her village in order to meet her brother, who she has to rescue.

The player aims to escape from the castle by strengthening the main character’s skill, which requires accumulating MP with elapsed time, and destroying the enemies. The fighting is proceeded automatically, thus it is very important to manage the resources in order to beat the enemies, which shows up one after another, and thereby this game is a unique castle escaping strategy.

Title Magic Potion Destroyer
Genre escape strategy
Platform PC
Release Status Unreleased


Q: Points that are focused on this game
A: Since we wanted to make this game to provide the feeling of fulfillment, we rather focused on the direction of the game. In terms of the battle effect, we believe that it was successful as players can actually see the character’s inflationary growth, feeling pleasant. Also, another focused point on the direction is that we fragmentarily developed background story with flavour text of magic potion. We would want the players to enjoy the direction of this game in which a dynamic story is seen off and on from a small amount of material.

Q: The toughest part in the process of creating this game?
A: It would be the trigonometrical function used for in-game effects. Although it worked successfully, to be honest, we still do not understand well about trigonometrical function.

Q: The good point about indie game
A: I think it’s the “freedom” and “easiness of production”. Some companies recently started to expand with indie game, but I personally think it’s because of the goodness that indie game has.

Q: Specific plan afterwards
A: First of all, the completion and the release of “Magic Portion Destroyer” are the first thing to do, and after we settle it down, we would like to attempt some different production tools. We are interested in “GameMakerStudio2” now.

Q: Future goal
A: We want to create a new work constantly once a year. It would be great if we could release a new work every time we have an event like “BitSummit”.

Q: Any work that are in the middle of production progress or planned to be released
A: The work that is in the middle of production at present, which was exhibited at “BitSummit,” is “Magic Portion Destroyer”. It is getting very close to the completion, thus we believe that it will be released in the summer this year, so stay tuned until then.

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