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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article we introduce the exhibit “OPAKE” along with exhibitor room6+saino’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

Developer saino next to the booth.
BitSummit OPAKEThe

game’s opening screen.
BitSummit OPAKE

Upon beginning the game you are put in a room. There is an Opake, a cute character.
BitSummit OPAKE

One scene where Opake hides. An adorable expression.
BitSummit OPAKE



This is a game where a ghost named Opake adventures the world while hiding from scary ghosts. Explore a diverse world while hiding.
(Referenced from BitSummit HP)

Genre Stealth Action Adventure
Platform PC
Developer room6+saino
Release Status Unreleased

Here’s What’s Cool!

The backstory behind the main character, Opake and a little girl is made thoroughly. Opake shows many cute expressions and warms your heart while playing.
The expressions are diverse and distinct so foreign players can also enjoy.

Writer’s impressions

Trying out the game, Opake was really cute to me. Expressions when it hides, and how it gets surprised when enemies appear; all these expressions are adorable. The controls are very simple so people of all ages can have fun. During a break at work or when you want to relax, I felt this game would be perfect to play.

From the Exhibitor

We’d like you to try it out even if out of pure curiosity. The controls are simple and it’s easy to play, so please try it out.

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