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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Paper Garden” along with exhibitor,Therese Pierrau’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth・Impression

It was difficult to get used to with how the distance that the paper plane flies changes as I changed the angle and the strongness.
After getting used to with it, I struggled with changing the direction and the angle after I flew it.
As I went on the next stages, I encountered the stage which I flew the blue paper plane. I once thought that there were no more paper planes because I flew too much, but there were many paper planes flying around, so I could keep flying it.
At the booth, the audience gave a cheer when I shot the difficult target, which was right after the tree. Near the end of the game, all the developers stimulated saying “it is the last”, and everyone who tried playing the game was smiling with the claps.

About Paper Garden


BitSummit 5th Famitsu Award Winner
Paper Garden places you in a desolate world overrun by an ancient blight. Your aim is to rejuvenate the land by befriending the native paper planes and using them to break down the mysterious monoliths responsible for the decay.
(From the official website of the BitSummit)


Q: What did you find the most difficult when developing this game?
A: The point that it is a VR content with the calm atmosphere, which is extremely rare. We developed this game because we wanted the user to experience the excitingness of flying the paper plane.
There are three points that we focused. The first point is that you can keep flying the plane. The second point is that you can control the paper plane after you flew it, and the third point is that the worldview which the dead-world re-lives when you hit the target.

Q: Why did you choose the paper plane as the theme?
A: When we developed the game in the past, we came up with an idea that it feels great to fly something, and that thought got stronger.

Q: What did you find the most difficult when developing the game?
A: With five of us, and for only five weeks, we discussed the “excitingness” such as how to make flying exciting or if flying the paper plane is actually fun. It was the most difficult part.
But, it was the most exciting part as well.

Q: How do you think about an indie game?
A: There are so many ways, but in an indie game, we want to make the game regardless of the financial matter or the period that we take to develop the game. There will be a clear distinction of the businesses’ points of view and the developer’s point of view.

Q: Please tell us about the aim for the future.
A: We are still thinking of how to deal with this game, but we want to provide by the VR.
The game is friendly, which is the element that other VR games do not have, so it will be suitable for the beginner of the VR.
When we release it, please take a look!

Q: Any message to the people who came to visit our website?
A: Thank you!

Ms.Therese, thank you for warmly getting interviewed!

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BitSummit 5th Award Winner

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