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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article we introduce the exhibit “Put Out The Fire” along with exhibitor Pon Pon Games’ comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

How the booth was like.
ビットサミット 24

An image of the gameplay screen. This is that of after encountering an enemy and entering combat.
ビットサミット 24-1

About Put Out The Fire


We made a few changes to the gameplay during development. The video shows a version prior to these changes.

This is a dungeon crawling game with sneaking mechanics.
(Referenced from BitSummit HP)

Title Put Out The Fire
Genre dungeon crawling game
Platform PC
Developer Pon Pon Games
Release Status In 2018

Here’s What’s Cool!

Unlike most dungeon adventure games, putting out torches actually lowers your chance to encounter enemies. On the other hand, this limits your vision, so having no torches at all makes it difficult to explore.
Of course, if you choose to keep your vision better, you’ll see more enemies, creating a dilemma.

Writer’s Impressions

The combat was remade into an encounter system.
Upon playing, it was hard to maneuver in the dark. This led to lighting a torch, causing enemies to appear. The enemies are strong, and beat you very easily. Even with some tips from the developers, I almost didn’t make it to the end. The difficulty of this game is high, but that gives it that much more meaning to play it.

From the Exhibitor

This game contains creatures from the past game, “Healers Die Twice”(Healer Wa Nido Shinu). If you have played it, we think you will enjoy this new game even more.
I like fantasy games that have things like Demi-Humans, so we want to continue making fantasy based games. We hope those who are interested will try out our games.

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