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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “SMILE GAME BUILDER” along with exhibitor, SmileBoom Co. Ltd.’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

ビットサミット 94-1
Introducing the overall atmosphere of the booth.

ビットサミット 94-2
The game display. This picture shows the RPG that is actually developed.



The last work, “Doukutsushiima” is the
BitSummit 5th Gadget Tsuushin Award Winner

SMILE GAME BUILDER is software for Windows which enables creation of role playing games (RPG) using 3D mapping without the use of programming and script languages. SMILE GAME BUILDER is optimized and specialized for a RPG game, allowing users to concentrate on story making. Moreover, people can create 3D geographical maps of hills and valleys like playing a game. SMILE GAME BUILDER has over one thousand pre-packaged materials, 3D models, 2D graphics, music and sound effects. Moreover, the finished products can be rendered as an application for Windows so you can distribute them as free games, or even better, you can sell them as chargeable products without any restrictions.
(From the official website of BitSummit)

Genre RPG makingsoft
Platform PC(Windows)
Developer SmileBoom
Release Status Released

What’s Cool about this Game?

I have never played the 3D game which has a dot-like-picture. This game makes use of the 3D and the dot, and the graphic is clear and beautiful. Also, the game has the cute picture, so it is kid-friendly. Moreover, you can change the camerawork and hence a point of sight for each map.

Writer’s Impression

I personally like the RPG game, but I have never developed it.
I was interested in it but had a stereotype that it will be difficult to create one. However, I found that it was simple to play and fun to create it. If you have any interests in the RPG game, I recommend you to play it once.

This game has received BitSummit 5th Gadget Tsushin Award. It is the action-adventure game for the 3DS, which is already on sale. Its quality actually worths more than 300 yen, and it has been developed precisely. In the cave, there are many gimmicks and traps, so it made me play the game a number of times. A cute dot-like-picture was also attractive, and it is enjoyable for both the adults and the children. It has a reasonable price, so I want you all to play it.

Message from the Exhibitor

To begin with, we want as much as people to know this game.
We will continue to update the game so that it will be friendly for everyone.
When playing the SMILE GAME BUILDER, it will be easier if you have small goals instead of the final big one, for people who have never created a game before. We recommend you to have small goals one by one, for example, creating the game by each quest.
You can make the game even if you are not familiar with the programming.

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