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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Solokus” along with exhibitor, Nukenin’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

ビットサミット 29_1
Photo at the booth. The man in the photo is the producer, Ken Watabe

About Solokus


Total number of downloads exceeded 100,000!

“Solokus” is a new, addictive and very appealing block puzzle game.


  • Fill in a white panel by arranging the pieces
  • Place the coloured pieces on the corners as matching the colour
  • Be careful not to put the same colour of the pieces’ sides together
  • Try to attach the corner of the pieces of the same colour at least once.


  • It’s free of charge!
  • Easy to control!
  • Cute blocks!
  • Use your time as much as you need to complete the game
  • There are 440 free stages, and additional fee-charging 80 stages!

(Referenced from BitSummit official)

Title Solokus
Genre Puzzle
Platform Android/iOS
Developer Nukenin
Release Status Mar.6,2017

Attractive point!

The rules are different to the existing puzzle games, so those people who have played various puzzle games before can still enjoy this.
This game can also be accepted by children since the atmosphere is very loose and charming.
The blocks that you should control also have the varied expressions, thus it is easy to see the mistakes you make.

Also, the feeling of “pleasantness when you complete the puzzle” is very addictive, so particular people may be captivated.
There is no Game Over, so the players can enjoy without caring about the time even if they are not good at playing video games.

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