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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “SOULLOGUE” along with exhibitor, noitems studio’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

Photo at the booth.
ビットサミット 30_3

Logo of SOULLOGUE. It looks very cool.
ビットサミット 30_1

Screen of the opening.
ビットサミット 30_2



“SOULLOGUE” is a 2D action adventure of overlooking type.
The greatest characteristic is “possession” action. The players can use the enemy’s skills by possessing the enemy and control them. There are several things that the players can do with possessing. For example, letting the enemy to commit suicide bombing to clear the way, making the enemy go to the areas where the players cannot go, or solving the riddle by possessing a particular device.
It is the fundamental of this game to use “possession” action properly, and advance the battle and riddle solving.
Also, the map that is drawn with dots is made like a maze, so the players can find the keys to advance on the map, or master a “Kotodama”. Kotodama, the ancient word that contains the spirit, allows the players to upgrade the skills by obtaining it.

Genre 2D Action Adventure
Platform Windows/Mac
Developer noitems studio
Release Status Coming 2018

Attractive point!

The greatest attractive point of “SOULLOGUE” is that the players can control the enemies. It is probably very rare that the players can break through the gimmick or enemies as controlling the enemies. This game is very flexible, and also the gimmicks are created very sophisticatedly, so that it can be accepted by many gamers.

Also, the dot’s drawing is done really beautifully which is obvious if you look at the picture of the game. Since the scenes in the dot drawing is nicely expressed, the producer’s commitment can be seen.

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