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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Tavern Guardians” along with exhibitor, WOMBO COMBO GAMES’ comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

Photo at the booth of WOMBO COMBO GAMES. People were constantly at their booth.
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It is recommended to play by the tablet because the quality of the operation is better.
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About Tavern Guardians


“Tavern Guardians” is a match-three action puzzle game. The players can experience different types of battle action which are completely different from the former Puzzle-RPGs.

Title Tavern Guardians
Genre Puzzle action
Platform Android/iOS
Release Status Available


Q: What are the attractive points of this game?
A: Even though it is basically a puzzle game, it is particular that the players should think about the enemy’s position like an action RPG, so this game is a new type of roguelike puzzle game. We focused on the novel and unprecedented control system.

When the players get used to the game, they can level up the characters using the game coins. Also, the combination of the enemy or boss is relatively random. While there are various bosses, the players can learn the particular ways to capture them, or the best character to use, thus this game contains many kinds of speedrun.
There was a Chinese player who accomplished up to stage 40.

We would want to sell this game more in Japan because while we received a good appraisal of 4.5 on average from the overseas users, this game is not sold a lot in Japan yet.
In this game, there is a monster on the puzzle so that the position of those monsters would be important, therefore such tenseness can let the players to enjoy even more.

Q: What was the difficult point in the progress of creating this game?
A: It was difficult the most to think about the game balance.
We originally wanted to make the movement of the enemy with real time system, but it was too complex. On the other hand, when we made it turn-based, several things like the speed of the enemy’s movement or the arrangement of the difficulty did not go well.

Also, it was our first time to create the roguelike, thus we repeated the trial and error.
We played this game ourselves repeatedly when deciding the game balance, so we got better and better at it. Therefore, we arranged the balance based on our standard.

Q: What is particularly good about indie game?
A: From the producer’s view, people don’t have to consider about the marketing for indie game, so it’s more free. Major companies have a lot of restrictions.

Even though I like the high-end games like PS4, I recently play indie game more often.
When I come back home from the work and start the game, it’s not easy to stop playing high-end game, but I can readily play indie games since it’s easier to stop playing it.
That is also one of the good points about the indie game.

Q: Is there any plan to release another game?
A: I want to release the Steam version of this game with more powerfulness as updating the current version since I like the Steam.
We are presently improving the game, reflecting on the players’ feedbacks, so that we can probably complete the trial product in half a year at the earliest.
If we could release the PC version, we will mainly focus on PC from then.

Q: What is the present goal?
A: We want to have a surplus. However, we firstly want to obtain good appraisals from the various users because this game is the first product for our company.

Comment from the writer

At first, I thought it’s just a game that integrated common RPG and puzzles. Nevertheless, in spite of the prediction, this game was amazingly awesome when I actually played it.

It gave me the feeling of tenseness like “the enemy is approaching. I’m going to be in trouble,” although it’s just a puzzle. The enemy gradually approached me and reduced the HP, which made me eager to beat them. Even if I was in trouble, I could not hurry to arrange the puzzles, but consider about the enemy’s positions to attack them properly.

In the interview, it was mentioned to “think about the enemy’s positions like action RPG” and that was totally right. Players always think about “the enemy’s reach” when they play action RPG. That is precisely done in this puzzle game.

I totally recommend a lot of people to try this action puzzle game called “Tavern Guardians”.

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