BitSummit 2017 – Making of a Game System | Summary of Yukio Futatsugi and Yuichiro Kitao’s Stage

This page will be introducing Yukio Futatsugi (Grounding Inc.) and Yuichiro Kitao’s (Gemdrops Inc.) stage at BitSummit 2017.

About the Stage

On the second day of BitSummit, Yukio Futatsugi (CEO of Grounding Inc.) and Yuichiro Kitao (CEO of Gemdrops Inc.) went up on stage.

How do You Come Up With a Game System

  • Futatsugi Yukio
  • When I first try to come up with a new game system I try to bring back the experience I had while playing a game. For example when I think of Street Fighter 2, I first come up with the versus system. Even if that game system wasn’t good, people will still remember the experience of versus. Also when I come up with a game system first, I will probably make a self-satisfied system. How about you Kitao?

  • Yuichiro Kitao
  • I think about many things when I do.
    I try to make the users think and make a choice. And when making a choice, there should also be random factors and gambling factors, instead of just choosing from one or the other.

  • Futatsugi Yukio
  • In my opinion, a game should be balanced with 70% skill and 30% luck, and a game without luck will not be as fun. For example chess has a perfect rule, but when playing against someone better than you, you have a very high chance of losing.

Experience that Underlies a Game

  • Yuichiro Kitao
  • When coming up with the idea of heading a ball in VR, I recalled my experience of the ball hitting my when I tried heading, and realized that heading in VR wouldn’t hurt no matter what.

  • Futatsugi Yukio
  • I also have one think that I keep in mind, and that is trying not to make too much mechanics the player has to remember. In most games, they try to make the players learn one mechanic after another to keep the player more into the game, but I try to keep the game simplified.

  • Yuichiro Kitao
  • But complicated controls have their merits, and that is it making a new conversation topic. for example, you can teach someone techniques when playing the game, saying if you do this here, this will be different.

  • Futatsugi Yukio
  • That’s where an experience becomes a premise. If the game was a pre-registration type, the developer should give the players a conversation topic, but you want the players to play the game seriously, you should make a game that makes the player learn things through gameplay.

Necessary Stress, and Balancing with the Game’s Mechanics

  • Futatsugi Yukio
  • I also mix 2 completely different things into one.

  • Yuichiro Kitao
  • I would like to make something new, but that will never happen because there isn’t any more completely new things. I always wonder if something new will be made by adding different mechanics and factors.

  • Futatsugi Yukio
  • If the players feel stressed when playing the game the game’s rating might go down. But on the other hand, it feels really good when you’re released from the stress. When making a system I always pick if the stress I put in is a stress that should be given to the players or not.

  • Yuichiro Kitao
  • There are different ways to put stress on the player. For example, a charge attack would be one type of stress. When charging, you can’t attack and have to take the risk of being attacked, but once charged you will be dealing massive damage. That’s just one type of stress, and there are many other stresses in game.

About the Speaker

Futatsugi Yukio
二木 登壇
CEO of Grounding, Inc. and director of Enethief. Began working at Granding after having served roles at Sega, SCE, and Microsoft Had a hand in shipping the Xbox One launch title “Crimson Dragon”; known for such titles as Panzer Dragoon (Sega) and Phantom Dust (Microsoft)
(Sited from BitSummit official website)

Yuichiro Kitao
北尾 登壇
Programmer of Nippon Ichi Software. Established Gemdrops Inc. in 2013; Known for Star Ocean series and Valkyrie Profile series.

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