BitSummit 2017 – Goichi Suda Announces the Remake Version of “The 25th Ward: The Silver Case” | Summary of Suda Goichi’s Stage

This page will be introducing Suda Goichi’s (Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.) stage at BitSummit 2017. He announced the release of the remake version of The Silver Case 25 Ward and PS4 version of The Silver Case for sales in Japan. He also spoke about his thoughts on indie games.

Summary of Goichi Suda’s Stage

Goichi Suda of Grasshopper Manufacturer Inc, director of The Silver Case and The Silver Case 25 Ward, talked about his future plans on stage. Suda announced about the update contents for the PC version of The Silver Case, The release of The Silver Case for PS4 in Japan, and the remake version of The Silver Case 25 Ward.
The fans at the site were excited over The announcement of the remake version of The Silver Case 25 Ward, and the PV for the game made the fans pumped up for the game.
Also, Miyamichi Nishioka, editor in charge of “Dengeki PlayStation” joined stage, and Suda was talking about why people feel the indie spirit from him.

Update content for the PC version of The Silver Case HD Remastered announced!


An update for The Silver Case currently released on Steam and PLAYISM is coming this Mar. 30. The content of the update is gorgeous, such as addition of scenarios and partial renewal. Also, this update will be free.

The update contents are as follows

①”Transmitter” scenario: Renewing Sayaka Baian’s part
Renewed Sayaka Baian’s part by suing new idols.

②”Placebo” scenario: Adding “Yami” chapter
Written by scenario writer Masahi Ooka.

③”Transmitter” Scenario: Adding “Whiteout Prologue” chapter
Written by Suda who wrote the “Transmitter” scenario.

Remixed BGM for the menu screen
Remixed all BGM.
He talked about maybe releasing a CD since there’s more than 10 BGMs in total.

Japanese version of The Silver Case HD Remastered for PS4 coming soon!

The PS4 version of The Silver Case HD Remastered which has already been released in the US, will finally be out for sale in Japan. Release date is going to be announced soon.

The remake version of The Silver Case 25 Ward is now being made!

The remake version of Silver Case 25 Ward, which is a sequel to The Silver Case that was once released on feature phones and is not currently being released, is now being made.

Its title is going to be THE 25TH WARD : THE SILVER CASE.
Because it is a remake of a game released on feature phones, it is close to making a completely new game, and Suda was wondering how he should treat the original scenario.
The platform for this remake has not been announced yet.

Goichi Suda is Indie”ish”!?

Nishioka talked with Suda on stage and asked him, “Why do I feel like you are a indie person even though you make games in a big studio?”
Suda said the reason might be because he used to work at a company that doesn’t exist anymore called Human Entertainment.

After talking about Human Corp. for a while, Nishioka talked about Suda’s sense of Indie. He said that there was a time of trouble after Suda released The Silver Case, and that was when Nishioka felt the sense of indie from Suda. Suda said that he spend some time thing about how to go on as a independent team. The answer to that was the release of “Killer7”, and Nishioka says that was when Suda’s style was certain.

About the Speaker

Goichi Suda entered the game industry in 1993 as a project planner at Human
Entertainment, where he worked on projects including the Super Fire Pro Wrestling
series and Moonlight Syndrome. In 1998, Suda left the company and founded
Grasshopper Manufacture. Acting as director, scenario writer, and game designer for
many titles, the unique worldview created by the style of his games has earned him a
following of passionate fans.
Some of Suda’s most iconic titles include The Silver Case, Killer7, and the No More
Heroes series. His most recent project, Let It Die, was released as a PS4 exclusive
in 2016.
(Sited from BitSummit official website)

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