BitSummit 2017 – Summary of Masaya Matsuura & Professor Sakamoto & Shuhei Yoshida’s Stage

This page will be introducing Game Masaya Matsuura, Professor Sakamoto, and Shuhei Yoshida’s stage at BitSummit 2017.

Music and Indie Games

At BitSummit 5th, a conversation between Masaya Matsuura, Shuhei Yoshida, and Professor Sakamoto was held. The converation was mostly about Indie Games and music, as well as Rap Rabbit, which is Masaya Matsuura’s new kickstarter.

Rap Rabbit Announced!

They first talked about Rap Rabbit, which is Masaya Matsuura’s new project. The game is mainly about 2 rabbits solving problems by rapping. One of the game’s characteristic is the Japanese visual and music. We can have high hopes for this game since its made by Masaya, the father of PaRappaTheRapper, and Keiichi Yano, the creator of Gitaroo Man.

Retro Graphic with Retro Music

The next topic was about Professor Sakamoto. He is popular as an artist that makes 8bit music, and he said he made music for Alwa’s Awakening, a Swedish game company that makes retro games. Sakamoto said the people creating games nowadays are ones who played Famicon, so many games have a retro 2D graphic, and 8bit music is often requested as BGM for those games.

Self Expression through Rap Rabbit

When Masaya said PaRappaTheRapper is a rap game, the players got angry and said its a rhythm game. Because of this, Masaya put more rap elements in Rap Rabbit, and said he wants this game to be able to express both rhythm and rap. This might become a new content for the players to express themselves through a game.

About the Speakers

Masaya Matsuura
Matsuura was born in 1961 in Osaka. He is a musician and producer, and graduated
from Ritsumeikan University.
1983-1996: Leader of the cutting edge pop unit, PSY・S.
1996: Designed and produced PaRappa the Rapper, said to be the father of modern
music games.
1999: Designed and produced UmJammer Lammy and vib-ribbon.
2003: Produced the sound for Sony’s AIBO.
2004: Received the First Penguin Award at GDC.
2005-2014: Produced the Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop series, a total of 8
2012: Produced Haunt (XBLA Kinect).
2016 Produced Furusoma, for mobile platforms
Matsuura is often invited as guest speaker to various game industry-related events around the world.
Currently an emeritus board member of GDC.
(Sited from BitSummit official website)

Shuhei Yoshida
President of SIE Worldwide Studios. Yoshida is among those responsible for the creation of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.’s 170-person internal product development team. His internal product development operation includes studios in Foster City, CA, San Diego, CA, Santa Monica, CA, Bend, Oregon, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Professor Sakamoto
Game musician and composer, Professor Sakamoto has a knack for composing
tunes with an 8-bit flavor. His album, SKMT, topped the iTunes Store’s electronic charts in both the Albums and the Singles categories. He has performed on TV programs such as Sekai Maru Mie! TV Tokusobu and Q-Sama!!. In 2012, he performed overseas with appearances at Sweden’s DreamHack and France’s
JapanExpo. In 2013, he expanded his reach to pop culture by composing music for
Sakura Gakuin’s Cooking Club band, Miniparti, as well as for a number of
smartphone apps such as Sangoku Tenka-Trigger. In 2014, Sakamoto released his
long-awaited REBUILD album. He continued to work relentlessly both at home and
abroad, and recently made a public appearance at the MIYABI JAPAN STORY
Japanese media festival in Stockholm, Sweden. Professor Sakamoto is also a
regular member of the Japan Synthesizer Programmer Association.
(Sited from BitSummit official website)

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