BItSummit 2017 – “Owlboy” | Summary of D-Pad Studios・ JO-REMI MADSEN & Simon Stafsnes Andersen Stage

This page will be introducing JO-REMI MADSEN and Stafsnes Anderson’s stage at BitSummit 2017.

Summary of the Stage

JO-REMI MADSEN and Stafsnes Anderson of D-pad Studios talked about their game Owlboy, which took 9 years to make.
They started thinking about Owlboy in 2007, and was especially inspired by Kid Icarus which has a tall space.

But at first, they say they had no clue what their making. For example, the main character used to be a bug, or a dog. The main character became an owl when Simonn’s wife suggested an owl as it.
In 2009, indie game market wan’t a thing in Norway, and they were first planning to make this game as a hobby. Many Norwegian people didn’t think of making games as a method of making money.
but it was first recognized by the media when it received multiple awards at a independent game festival held at San Francisco. An due to this, they received a subsidy from a Norwegian film laboratory, and founded a company.
They announced a demo in 2011, and received lots of good reviews, but has lots of problem as well they gave up on releasing it on 2011.

They also began lacking in money, and wanted to take some rest as well. That’s when they made a game based off of Savan’s album to collect money. This game also received lots of good reviews.

Though they made enough money to make Owlboy, another problem occurred. Though they can’t talk much about it, they lost motivation to keep making the game. That’s when they found the method of deleting parts of Owlboy‘s map and character.
Owlboy was finally released after 9 years of creation.

About the Speaker

D-pad Studio

“D-Pad Studio is a small indie game studio, best known for our flagship game Owlboy, which is a story-driven platform adventure game where you can fly, explore and discover new friends.
In 2013, they released Savant – Ascent, their first game. It’s a fast-paced shooter for PC and mobile.
The team is situated in Norway, the US, and Canada, consists of 5 people, and started working together in 2007.
As a team, we are all inspired by the old video games that we grew up with, and we want to create games that are as full of charm and interactivity as the old classics.
We greatly value our artistic independence and artistic and moral integrity, and try to make games that inspire both thought and emotion.”

(Sited from BitSummit Official Website)

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