BitSummit 2017 – Fumika Noichi Talks About Alvion’s Freedom and Challenge | Summary of Fumika Noichi’s Stage

This page will be introducing Fumika Noichi’s (Alvion) stage at BitSummit 2017.

Summary of the Stage

On the second day of BitSummit 5th, Fumika Noichi of Alvion when up on stage and talked about the purpose of freedom and challenge.


Alvion is a company in Osaka that has been making games for over 20 years. She first introduced Malicious Fallen, which was exhibited at BitSummit.
“Alvion is a company born in search of freedom and respects individuals. The company emphasizes the harmony of lifework and work, and Alvion’s challenge will continue until a game created with freedom is recognized by the world. Even when it does, we’ll keep trying to achieve a next goal.” says Fumika. Alvion has been making different genres of games such as the Malicious series, Poupée Girl, and Water Girl.

About Alvion Group

Alvion Group is divided into Alvion which mainly makes console games, and ULLUCUS HEAVEN which makes games for smart phone. Alvion Group develops original games and does entrusted development. The new people start with the development of original games, and through that they gain experience. After they become veterans they begin entrusted development. She also said if there’s anyone who wants to work at Alvion, let’s work together at Osaka.

About the Speaker


Fumika Noichi
続けています。最新作で䛿、 PS4版䛾マリシアスフォールンを配信いたしました。
Fumika Noichi is a manager at Alvion, running production for the company.
S/he made his/her debut in games as Intelligent System’s lead designer, first helming
Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem and Fire Emblem: Geneology of the Holy War.
Afterward, she helped establish Alvion and developed three titles, including
“Circadia,” together with SCE.
Now, Alvion works with several game companies on both original works and
copyrighted titles, while still finding the time to work on works of their own as a publisher. The company has recently put out a PS4 version of their highly successful title, “Malicious Fallen.”

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