BitSummit 2017 – Nikita Mikros Talks About “Killer Queen” and Being a Game Creator | Summary of Nikita Mikros’s Stage

This page will be introducing Nikita Mikros’s (developer of Killer Queen) stage at BitSummit 2017.

Summary of the Stage

Being a Creator

He told us how to make the game of your dream by telling us his experience as an creator. He began making games as a hobby in 1982, and as a business in 1997. He started a small studio in 2005 called Tiny Mantis, and made games with ads that show up in game. He made about 50 games in 7 years, and learned how to make small games. Though he made money, he wasn’t satisfied since he didn’t have the time to make the game he really wants to. He knew that he had to make a bigger company and a big hit from his original game so to make the game he wants.

Developing a Original Game

We first released a game called Propaganda Lander, and though it received a high rating, it’s sales weren’t great. After a while, he met Josh who was making board games, and with him he made Pigeon Pinata Pummel and Pitfall! Live at the Tank. Pitfall! Live at the Tank is an homage of a game that he played in my childhood, and he said he had a fun time making it. Killer Queen was the 3 project he worked on, and through this he learned the importance of multiplayer in a game.

About Killer Queen

Since creating Killer Queen didn’t need much skill, he was able to focus on the game design. By making a game that completely destroyed his bias, he said he found what he should continue doing as a job. Killer Queen became very popular and that’s when he started BumbleBear Games with Josh. The Killer Queen community has become very big, and even tournaments are held.
We are not rich at present. It is very difficult to make profit without loosing the creative spirit as a creator.

About the Speaker

ビットサミット ニキータ
Nikita Mikros
Nik is the co-founder and CEO of BumbleBear Games, LLC., a game design and development firm specializing in local multiplayer and arcade games including Killer Queen.
Currently puts focus on eSports and arcade local multiplayer games.
Killer Queen, a 10 player multiplayer arcade game has won multiple awards.

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