BitSummit 2017 – Why was Koji Igarashi Wearing a Kimono? Revealed 3D Model of a New Character in Bloodstained | Summary of Koji Igarashi’s Stage

This page will be introducing Koji Igarashi, Aka IGA’s (ArtPlay) stage at BitSummit 2017. Koji spoke about the birth of Zangetsu, a character in Bloodstained, and revealed its 3D model.

Why Was He Wearing a Kimono?

Koji Igarashi, who is currently developing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night appeared on stage in a Kimono equipped with a Katana. One reason is because BitSummit is held in Kyoto, but the main reason is became he came here to talk about a story associated with a Kimono.e

First-Ever Japanese Character in a IGA Game! “Zangetusu”

The focus of this stage was this character called Zangetsu. He is a Japanese-style character equipped with a Katana, armor, and talisman. He hates everything related to demons, and is using a type of magic to move his artificial arm. Though the style of the game is Gothic Horror which seems no not have a place for a samurai to fit in, IGA told us how he was born.

The Birth of Zangetsu

In doing a kick starter, Miriam who is the main character, Johannes who is a support, and Seams who is the villain of the game has been revealed. After a while, people started thinking Johannes was the secret boss, so he felt the need to create more characters.
He really wanted a character that hates the main character no matter what. That was when the director told him that he never used a Japanese character in his games, and that was when he created Zangetsu. But strangely, the story made much more sense after he was born. Though the voice actor can’t be revealed at present, they have already finished his recording, and IGA says he is one of the coolest characters ever made by him.

Also, they finished recording for the IGA boss, which he promised when doing the kick starter.

First Time Reveal of Zangetsu’s 3D Model

After he told us about how Zangetsu was born, he revealed the 3D model for Zangestu. It was a short video with the camera spinning around the model.

A Memorial Shot

After the stage, we managed to find Mr. Igarash and he let us took a picture. Thank you, Mr. Igarashi.

About the Speaker

Koji Igarashi joined Konami in 1990; while there, he worked as a programmer in the
Educational Software division before moving to the Consumer division. His work
includes enemy programming for Detana! TwinBee (PC Engine), story and
programming for Tokimeki Memorial (PC Engine), and story and programming, as
well as late-stage direction, for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PlayStation).
From Castlevania Chronicles onward, he worked as a producer for the Castlevania
series for several years before moving to the Social division at the end of 2011.
He left Konami in March 2014 and six months later on September 16, 2014, he
became a founding member and Executive Producer of ArtPlay. Now, in addition to
developing mobile games, Igarashi is getting ready to create another hotly
anticipated title—Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a project made possible by the
generous backing of his fans through Kickstarter.
(Sited from BitSummit official website)

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