BitSummit 2017 – The concept of “Eden Obscura” | Summary of Baiyon’s Stage

This page will be introducing Baiyon’s (Q-Games) stage at BitSummit 2017.

Summary of the Stage

World of Light-“Eden Obscura”


On the second day of BitSummit, Baiyon of Q-Games went on stage and talked about Eden Obscura which is the game he is currently working on. Eden Obscura is a brand new game based off of 2008’s PixelJunk™ Eden.
The concept of Eden Obscura is visualizing shiny or transparent things which Baiyon is very interested in on mobile devices. The game reflects images and light captured by the camera to the background. Therefore the background changes depending on when and where you play.
The game expresses a world of light never seen before.

About the Speaker

Kyoto’s Baiyon creates works of experimentation and is minimal. His passion as a music producer and love of video games led to an interesting career move; directing unique, experience-oriented video games. Now under the Q-Games banner, Baiyon is bringing new ideas, visuals, and gameplay to the world.
Baiyon is an accomplished art and sound director for titles such as PixelJunk Eden and PixelJunk 4AM, and also created sounds for the title LittleBigPlanet 2 to name a few. He has performed all over the globe on stages of all sizes and released several solo albums, and has even contributed the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed Moog, a synthesizer documentary film.

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