BitSummit 2017 – Indies Cross Talk | Summary of the Stage

This page is a summary of “Indies Cross Talk”, a stage held at BitSummit 2017.

Summary of the Stage

The stage was in interview format.
The Speakers were, Jung Jinsub (Megusta Games), Zainuddin fahad (Ogre Head Studio), Felix Klein (Radical Fish Games), Joakim Sandberg, and Michael O’Reilly (Kayinworks).

Q1. Are there any Japanese games you where inspired by?

JinSub: I was inspired by Onimusha and Street Fighter, and my game is a mix of the two’s game system.
Klein: I’m especially inspired by the Final Fantasy series and the Mana series.
O’Reilly: Regarding the game that I’m making, it would be Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden.

Q2. What is the difference between indie game in Japan and in abroad? Are there any advices to give?

fahad:In my opinion the core of indie games is freedom. Japan has their unique style, India has their unique style, and we should respect each others style.
Sandberg: I currently am using 7 years to make one game. If you are going to make a game alone, be prepared to finish the game no matter how long it takes.
O’Reilly: Same as Sandberg.

Q3. How did you collect funds?

JinSub: I made some money off the first game I released, and made enough money for 1 years of development. Right now I’m looking for a publisher.
fahad: I tried collecting money from everyone in the team, but it didn’t go well. We made money from outside orders and consignments.
Klein: I had savings but started cloud funding since that wasn’t enough. It is best to release a early access that is close to completion.

Q4. If you were to choose from packaging, a original figure, or a famous voice actor for your game, what will you choose?

JinSub: Packaging. My dream is to find my game at a game store.
fahad: I would choose packaging since I like to collect games.
Klein: I prefer a famous voice actor since my game emphasizes story. A original figure will be cool as well.
Sandberg: I want a action figure. Though it wasn’t in the choice, I want people to cosplay as the character in game since that tells me that there’s people who really love the game.
O’Reilly: I would like original figure, as well as cosplay.

Q5. If you are allowed to remake one Japanese game, what would it be?

JinSub: Onimusha, though the game I’m making now is pretty much a remake of it.
fahad: I would like to remake Contra for Famicon since I played it a lot. A 3D remake would be nice.
Klein: I want a remake of Mana. I want to pass on the appeal of the game to the present age.
Sandberg: If i was to make a remake it would be Monster World IV.
O’Reilly: It would be Metroid: Other M.

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