BitSummit 2017- How Were Maniac Games Made? | Summary of Takehiro Ando & Koichi Yotsui’s Stage

This page will be introducing Takehiro Ando and Koichi Yotsui’s stage at BitSummit 2017.

Summary of the Stage

Takehiro Ando and Koichi Yotsui talked about the games they have made. In 2000, they made a very unique game called Suzuki Bakuhatsu, and this game is said to be maniac. The topic of the stage was about how manic titles are made, and why Suzuki Bakuhatsu was made.

Suzuki Bakuhatsu

Suzuki Bakuhatsu made by Takehiro and Koichi is a game that is classified as so-called “Bakage” and is said to be Maniac. Both names talked about how the game was made.
At the time of the first “PlayStation”, major developers were able to make games freely without thinking about selling. They seemed to resemble the atmosphere of the BitSummit. Around that time, unique games such as PaRappaTheRapper and My cooking sold millions. Takehiro thought that the base would be expanded by making a character a real-life girl, instead of a computer graphic, and he really though it would make millions. Suzuki Bakuhatsu is a game where “Suzuki-san” encounters a bomb every time there is a thing and has to diffuse the bomb so that it does not explode. It is divided into a part where a story progresses by a slideshow of photographs of live-action photography and a bomb diffusing part expressed by 3DCG.
“Even looking back at it now, it’s a unique system, and maybe this the reason why people like it.”
In other words, the developers weren’t trying to make a maniac game but instead trying to make a game players can enjoy.
But of course, not all maniac games are a success, and there were lots of games that didn’t make it to sales. One example would be MAD STIX, which was a racing game without steering, throttle, or breaks.

No More Maniac Games

Some of Takehiro’s challenges were a failure, but some were a success. When no one was playing games on iPhone, he made a RPG game called CHAOS RINGS, and achieved 1 million download.
Takehiro and Koichi said they want to remake the games that didn’t make it to sales, and return to BitSummit, but with a non-maniac game for more people to play our games.

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