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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Research and Destroy” along with exhibitor, Implausible Industries’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

BitSummit 2017 Research and Destroy
The exhibiting booth and the game screen. Four users can play at the same time.

About “Research and Destroy”


BitSummit 5th Popular Selection Award Winner

Use the power of Science to send monsters packing in high-speed turn-based battles!
Wipe that supernatural smirk off the face of the Earth with global strategy!
Got any friends? Grab up to three of them and do it together!
Punch poltergeist, maim mummies, whip werewolves, and generally force Evil to have a sit down and reconsider everything it’s done with its life.
Overwhelmed? Don’t worry: this ain’t rocket surgery, it’s RESEARCH AND DESTROY!
(From the BitSummit official website)

Title Research and Destroy
Genre Turn Based Strategy
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developer Implausible Industries
Release Status Scheduled for 2018

What’s So Cool About This Game?

Among the TPS games, it is a new genre which is the turning system. It has a high level of quality that is worth receiving the award.
Also, the pictures take the American comic style which is kid-friendly.

Writer’s Impression

In one turn, you have five seconds to move. You may feel five seconds as long, but I felt that it was really short when I actually played the game.
The developer said that the players could do various things if they think carefully and start to move. I felt that I can do various things if I get used to it.
The characters are unique, especially, the yellow character, Gelly, receives the popularity the most.
It is like a mascot of the game. I, personally, like Gelly the most.

Message from the Exhibitor

We love the turn game. However, there is not much cooperative turn-style TPS game, so we decided to create it by ourselves.
There are battles, but we also focused on the pictures to make the game cute, enjoyable, and fun. It will take some time to complete the development of the game, but we look forward to releasing it.

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