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We will be introducing exhibits at BitSummit 2017. In this article, we introduce the exhibit “Rolling Gunner” along with exhibitor, Web Technology Corp.’s comments and the booth’s atmosphere.

At the Booth

BitSummit 2017 Rolling Gunner01
The exhibiting booth.

ビットサミット 26-2
The beginning of the game.

ビットサミット 26-3
When the finisher has been used.

About “Rolling Gunner”


Full-scale horizontal shooting “Rolling Gunner.”
I wanted to create the shooting that I loved by myself.
This is a horizontal scrolling shooting game created with the cooperation of people who sympathized my feeling.
At the venue, we will distribute the version which has five sections.
Brings our passion to you.
(From the BitSummit official website)

Title Rolling Gunner
Genre Side scrolling shooting game
Platform PC
Developer Web Technology Corp.
Release Status Distributing trial version as “Doujin” software

What’s So Cool About This Game?

Classic work of the shooting game. The exhibitor said that its difficulty reminds the players of the arcade game. It is quite challenging.

Writer’s Impression

The exhibitor used to work at “CAVE Interactive CO., LTD.”, the game company that you are familiar with if you like the shooting game.
I was able to complete the first stage, but not the second stage.
I was disappointed with myself, but the exhibitor said: “If you play a lot of times and get the pattern, you will be able to complete it.”
It only has one pattern, so I wanted to play it many times and complete the game. If you like the shooting game, I recommend you to play it once.

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