GIGA WRECKER – Boss Walkthrough Astra Kadrū | Attacks・Strategies・How to Defeat “Astra Kadrū”

This is a walkthrough page on the GIGAWRECKER boss “Astra Kadrū”. Written here are weaknesses, strategies and other guides to defeating the boss.

Walkthrough Astra Kadrū


  • Horizontal Fire
  • A small mech moves in and attacks horizontally. Evade them using the platforms.

  • Warning Laser
  • After emitting a purple light of warning, a laser is fired at that certain place. Be sure to move as soon as the warning signal appears.

  • Mini Mech Bullet Rush
  • Small mechs fire multiple bullets and electrify platforms over the screen. After this, the mechs begin an area attack. Destroy them before this. A charging sound can be heard during the attack.

  • Area Attack
  • Unavoidable lighting charges all over the screen. Destroy all of the mechs or the boss itself to cancel out this attack.


In order to damage the boss, you debri needs to be maxed out.
This is the boss of Darshana, Temple of Seekers.
The boss itself stays still, while attacking with multiple mini mechs. You can gather debri by hitting the mechs. There are multiple attacks that require vertical dodging, so planning an escape route beforehand is ideal.
After the bullet rush from the mechs, there is an unavoidable area attack. Be sure to cancel this by destroying all of the mechs or gathering debri and hitting the boss.
Hitting the boss can also erase the shots from the bullet rush, which may be useful to remember.

■Second Battle
There are less platforms, and attacks are harder to evade. Also, area attacks are more common, and the time until this after the bullet rush is shorter.
The warning time before the laser is also shorter, making it also harder to dodge.

Video Guide of Astra Kadrū

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